How to block fast kick punch in a street fight ✅



How to block fast kick punch in a street fight ✅ For a FREE Wing Chun Programme, Click Here: Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim …

19 thoughts on “How to block fast kick punch in a street fight ✅

  1. Becca Blue says:

    Master Wong, I'm curious about two things – how long should I train technique per day? I wanted to divide the time I train technique, for example, 5minutes x6 throughout the day, and is it a good idea?

  2. 운한서 says:


    Master Wong, I was always curious about this.

    Is one-hand block usually strong enough to block a full-on knee kick?

    Isn't a knee kick strong enough to overpower the strength of an average person's hand block?

  3. shadow warrior says:

    I see many flaws , it is one thing to show a block or two, what you going to do when there is a trained elite special forces person that knows how to throw three combinations of offence and defence at the same time that you have no way of defending, for someone that is fully trained , you and your stuff is USELESS . This is just entertaining to make me laugh ,, and will get others hurt for they think it is real defence , beside it is all useless when bullets flies and bombs drop , for that is the martial artist worse fear . he will tell you that if he is real

  4. Rodney Ives Collen says:

    Evade, slip, parry, and/or block all the shots that you can; absorb and withstand all that lands and then counter and return fire. It's really important to have a good training in self-defense, based on my own experience as a fellow self-defense practitioner.

  5. Maxximilian UFC says:

    The speech of your advice was nice and how to block was great I like that and I know the medicine of your energy is great let me have it for free and try lolol I'm just kidding God bless you

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