How to beat Piper Knife System, Clugston Commando knife exposes the truth and present Senior Master Instructor Clugston exposes how to beat Piper Knife Fighting. Piper Knife Systems …

7 thoughts on “How to beat Piper Knife System, Clugston Commando knife exposes the truth

  1. ShockwaveDefense says:

    I think your video has some interesting points such as "who have they fought with another knife." A few immediate turn off's here is that there's an immediate attack without understanding the origin of the system. It's not a knife fighting system, it's an assault approach developed by the gangsters in South Africa, refined by Nigel. What's important to understand before attacking a system is understanding the actual origins and going to the country that it came from to understand where it came from and its purpose. I've never been a fan of others who seek to increase their own value by tearing down others. It acts as an immediate discredit to themselves in my opinion. The only time it serves any value is if they are truly trying to help. If you get a chance to travel to South Africa, speak with those there, and try the system you'll see it's relevance. Also, I encourage a tour of Pollsmoor prison. The "system" doesn't square off with you, they are designed to stab you without knowing.

  2. Jorge Prina says:

    muy buen analisis Christophe, siempre vi que no es apto como pelea duelista el piper, pero tampoco pelea con nadie que hiciera piper, no hay dudas que la distancia, el icepick, el cambio de mano la guardia, son erroneos en el piper, o por lo menos lo que veo yo, excelente explicacion! y me suscribo a tu canal

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