How to balance MMA and Work

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6 thoughts on “How to balance MMA and Work

  1. Nicholas Meyers says:

    The notebooks really help. Without the structure of pre-planning your routines it becomes a near impossibility to budget your time effectively. Good video and really solid advice. How about making a video on how to make / save money ?

  2. Snoop Dogg says:

    i have a question.
    i started doing karate about 2 years ago,and its a great martial art to start with(for some one who never done any martial arts),imma about to quit karate and i want to train somthing else,i live in a small town with no grappling schools,whe have:muay thai,kick boxing,krav maga and karate.
    wich style do you think is better so switch to?

  3. Kevin Symmonds says:

    This is not true at all for everyone, some people have full time work, children to bring up and devote time to, a Wife to devote time to. I do manage to do all these things and train Bjj however people have different circumstances. I have listened to coaches who have the same thinking as you and with all due respect it is bullshit. You say you don't have to sacrifice anything, that is not true at all. Devotion to training is mostly about sacrifice, sacrificing who you are for what you may become.

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