How Random Knife Attacks were Survived in Toronto – Real CCTV Footage!

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5 thoughts on “How Random Knife Attacks were Survived in Toronto – Real CCTV Footage!

  1. Cat Mandu says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom sensei… knife attacks are very hard to deal with and the crazy thing is you have hardly any time to think, especially when it so randomly done, like the ones in this video… When are you coming to Canada sensei? I would love to take your classes… Even if you send one of your high level students… you sir are a gift to the world… a true protector empowers the ppl to protect themselves. As always, thx for the post.

  2. Ricardo Morales says:

    Great video as always. This scenes reminded me of an old video of yours about avoiding the attacker to get too close with the knifel, to repel, go sideways and RUN. And just as you can see that´s exactly what went wrong here.

  3. The Tricky Outdoorsman says:

    I believe that martial arts is great as a learning tool. However, I believe that they do not give you real life experience. In the area you train in, you have compliance so no one gets seriously hurt. On the street though this doesn't matter and I think people forget that.

  4. Lancers262 says:

    Excellent words Luke. I've seen too many Kali, Silat and Krav Maga students with basic low level knife defenses training going into a knife attack with the false sense of security that they are safe. It's a lot of skills, knowledge and experience to be able to read the direction and energy of the attacker. Better to use those basic knife skills to prevent a fatal cut/stab, if you can disarm the attacker, great, if you can't disarm him, stun the attacker with what you know and then get the frack out of there

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