How Practical is Kali for Combat and Self Defense? – Eskrima Arnis



More and more people are seeking out Filipino Martial Arts and I believe it’s a bout time. From civilians, to law enforcement to military. So, how practical is the …

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  1. Goodboy says:

    I'm from philippines and it saddens me that this is not that popular here compared to boxing and other foreign martial arts. I'm an amateur boxer but still I want to learn this stuff, for practical use/ self defense and hand traps can be applied to boxing. Unfortunately it's hard to find kali/eskrima centers here.

  2. 3Wolves says:

    I love the videos and instruction. I know nothing of Kali other than I like what I see, I do train in a number of other arts, hence this question.

    Do these same principles apply if it’s uneven, I.e. if you are empty hands against a knife? Or knife against a sword? My training and understanding would be to move and close on my terms to take away their advantage of great range with their weapon? Would love to know more.
    Thanks for the thoughtful and informative vids.
    Going to go cut some sticks and start training the 5 basic stick drills.

  3. Rick Liebespach says:

    An Elbow to the fist of an incoming punch? Sure. Several times when sparing I have caught incoming punches (like an incoming baseball). So if I can do that someone could hit that fist with an elbow…. and that could end the conflict.

  4. Ian Sinclair says:

    If you are trained well enough, they work great. You have to be careful when going for the hand against a skilled eskrimador though. They use fakes and everything else.

  5. Unclean Actions At Low Prices says:

    As for transfering the skill over to unarmed combat, really the only skill you could transfer is elbow blocking, if your opponent is a kickboxer or a muay thai practitioner and you try to transfer kali skills over to unarmed combat, you block 1 punch, guess what, the teep kick comes in and busts your balls and then the temple roundhouse makes its way in and youre fucked. Your transfered skills to unarmed combat will only work against an untrained opponent. If a muay thai or kickboxer practitioner has his guard up and you come in the way you did to break the guard, thats a one way ticket to getting knocked out clean, he has his guard up and can U Turn to your left and combo you while your temple is exposed due to the fact that you traded your guard off for an attempt to break his. What I suggest doing is alongside Kali, practice Muay Thai or Kickboxing, preferrably Muay Thai since in an unarmed scenario those are gonna help you the most. Even then by using your elbows its not a guaranteed viability since your opponent can work around it and either jab bait you to drop your hands or move in close, U Turn and catch you in a hook hook elbow combo or if your opponent decides to end it easily he can just use the legs and then a clean hook shot to your temple.

  6. Whisky Weasal says:

    When jiu jitsu was still new to most most people in the US back in the 90’s jiu jitsu was like a secret weapon. I didn’t have to train very long in order to be confident that I could handle myself. Now, kids train in mma with their dads, it’s a popular sport, people are hitting their prime in the sport in their early 20’s, and I don’t have the time or resources to feel like I will be ok if I needed to stand up for myself. I need a force multiplier and kali right now, taken to a purely self defense rather than a sport extreme appears to be the answer.

  7. Mark Anthony Sitioco says:

    It's like d concept of Yaw Yan and other Filipino martial arts. Strike fast! Strike hard! And strike once! Immobilize ur opponent and finish the fight as quickly as possible! Most of Filipino martial arts has dis concept. Dat is y Filipino martial arts are very practical!

  8. Druid says:

    Your principle of attacking their weapon is exactly correct. If attacked, you strike. The best defense is a quick, initial strike by closing the distance into the threat. The Fighting Mindset or Spirit is crucial to survival – thank you for highlighting this as well.

  9. Jomar Bontia says:

    Bro thank you for promoting Filipino martial art. Kali or escrima is intended to cut or hit or kill or disabled enemy. We survive that invasion of Spain because of our martial art. Those idiot insulting the Filipino martial art who says Kali or escrima don't works . I say to them tell it to Ferdinand magilan. How Filipino martial art cut his head even he has rifle vs our blade or bolo.

  10. Octopussyist says:

    Finally someone who is not totally fixated on fancy disarming stuff. I have done a lot of sparring in the style of Sicilian stilletto fighting, and the only disarm that works properly at the speed required is a quick strike to the hand. Great stuff.

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