How Not to Telegraph your Strikes

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17 thoughts on “How Not to Telegraph your Strikes

  1. JTC Conquer says:

    Awesome video, simple yet so effective, i was drilling before this video by just slowly extending my arm and snapping my wrist over just before full extension trying to keep my arm straight as possible. This drill seems like it could speed up my progress, thanks for the content.

  2. stormy says:

    Excellent 'trick' to help those who do not understand body language to limit their telegraphing movements. I need to say that body language is universal. People do it and read it without any teaching at all. It is part of communication beyond our control until we understand how huge this language is and study it…Without understanding body language to the point of knowing it so well we are actually able to pull of lying about our intentions takes way more than practice.

    All I have left is the element of surprise. No way will I ever have the speed and stamina necessary to do any damage, grrrr. Body language is key! If I get the chance I will go back to school to learn this stuff. Please go watch 'Lie To Me'…Netflix. Very intelligent primer on body language. They do not get into fooling an opponent in a physical battle per se but that is where YOU could expand this skill. Useful? Critical? You bet.

  3. stormy says:

    Nick this falls under 'body language' and being able to use body language to one's advantage. To LIE with your body language is a tough skill. I love this video!! Have you watched 'Lie to Me'? yet?

  4. MrKra888 says:

    Good evening Nick, I am an avid follower of self defence both in the USA and Great Britain. I am a bit confused after watching this video regarding power generation in pre-emptive strikes. Peter Consterdine (a self defence expert in the UK) advocates the door hinge and double hip techniques to generate knock out power for pre-emptive strikes, but in this video you edify not moving your hips. My question then is: will you still be able to hurt your opponent enough without moving your hips?

  5. Camilo Santana says:

    in addition, learning to connect mind-to-hip makes this natural. people telegraph cause they're mentally trying to "scoop up" more power. when the power comes from the hips, the arm is just an extension of that great force. no need to try and scoop.

  6. jdedge says:

    I believe not thinking about what your doing next is the best way not to telegraph. In other words, making your attacks reaction instead of plans. Only way to do that is to train- a lot. This exercise looks like it should help with that also. Thanks for sharing.

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