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Great street fighters understand range and distance because it’s the difference between winning and losing a fight. On the street there are no weight classes, you …

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  1. Boomer Taylor says:

    Working on the presumption that both fighters are equal in skill…
    This video is correct as far as it goes. I AM that larger person. I'm 6'5"/250lbs, an experienced martial artist, scientific wrestler, military veteran and former national league rugby player.
    Although it's true that a smaller person has an advantage of application of power inside, it stops there. If you're already outside, stay out there, turn and haul ass. Only fight a much larger person if you have no other escape route or there is a threat to someone you are protecting.
    If you're not immediate with an attack which removes the use of a leg for stability, an arm for control and can land an effective strike to the throat, eyes or solar plexus to stun your opponent and the larger person gets a hold of you, it's over. It only takes a second for him to injur your neck, an arm/shoulder, take out your knee, etc.
    If you must fight and are inside, only stay there long enough to create an escape route through to safety. Unless you are a significantly more advanced and skilled fighter, there is no advantage to trying to "take him out." Every skilled (and honest) fighter, of any size, that I have spoken with is in agreement. If the big guy knows how to fight as well as the smaller opponent, the advantage is always his and rapid escape is the best goal unless it's a fight to the finish because there's more than just you involved.
    I've had smaller people try to "show me their stuff" while friendly sparring, etc., not knowing my background, thinking they're going to "get inside me" and shift the advantage or use some cool kicks, only to be swept up and kissed (yes, it was a female! lol) only to have these people say " that's not fair! Martial arts are supposed to be what makes us be able to fight against you… You're not supposed to know it, as well!"
    Don't fall into the big trap that gets so many into trouble. Big guys don't just get by on being big… So many think that size and strength are the only advantages a large person has. We can know how to fight, too and, you can figure out just which type you're facing if you learn to read body language and "physical tells." If a big guy is boisterous or likes to throw his shoulders and size around, trying to intimidate or show off (especially true if someone's had a few to drink), they're probably the "fight like a bull" type. I've seen it enough times, whenever I walk into a place and other big guys immediately start trying to size themselves up or see if they can push me around… Then there are the large "wallflower" types that don't want and can't fight and have been fortunate enough to get by with just being big or just moving away at the first sign of trouble. Then, there are the type that doesn't look for trouble, stays quiet or reserved but also doesn't run away from it, either. They carry themselves differently than the average "big guy." They're the ones to watch. Learn something about them, if you can. Somebody around usually knows who's who. Learn to recognize the capable types by observing them, then, when the time comes that you do have to "get involved" you'll have a better idea of what you're dealing with.
    Big guys don't act the same as smaller guys. They don't act like "Banty roosters" or "Napoleans" (we see those types, too), they're not always trying to prove themselves next to a big guy but… If you want a laugh, watch when two bigger guys get next to each other. They'll stand a little straighter, eyeballing each other to see who's tallest. That's something "regular" and smaller guys ordinarily don't do because they're accustomed to having people around who are taller than they. But, when a guys used to being the tallest and another comes around, you can tell who's got the physical and fighting experience and who doesn't. Which one has the "moxy."
    Thats how to spot trouble makers, peaceful types and real fighters… Just beware of the "gentile giant" types. We can afford to be that way for a reason.

  2. wade rivers says:

    Example: Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, smaller inside guys who took the power away from bigger men. Of course Foreman did knock Frazier around like a bean bag but Foreman did that everyone.

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