How Marine Recruits Are Trained To Fight With Bayonets



We got an inside look at how United States Marine Corps recruits are trained to fight with bayonets in basic training. Senior video correspondent Graham …

35 thoughts on “How Marine Recruits Are Trained To Fight With Bayonets

  1. Noah Gassler says:

    Let me give you some advice with Pugil Sticks.

    Scream like a psychopath as you sprint towards your opponent. It will scare the ever-living hell out of them. And that gives you an advantage. I don't mean that "aaaaaaaaaahhhh" the DI's accept as a "fearsome war cry." I mean, scream like if you don't sound like a TIE fighter, you're doing it wrong.

    Give 'em hell.

    -PFC Gassler (Ret.)

  2. Ethan Clarke says:

    It's better to use that knife in hand to hand other than attaching it to the rifle. Most of the time they fired their rifles without bayonets. The bayonet training is more of a traditional training than in an actual situation.

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