How Many Ways You Can Throw Knives? (CHALLENGE)



How Many Way You Can Throw Knives? (CHALLENGE) Enjoy -if you missed my last video, definitely Check it out: …

35 thoughts on “How Many Ways You Can Throw Knives? (CHALLENGE)

  1. Adam Celadin says:

    Hello My Friends,
    You Asked me for this Topic for long time so here is it :)) Dont forget to smash that like button and share this video with your friends and let me know what was your favorite way to throw knives in this video! See You Next Time ,))

  2. lb4lbchump says:

    What's the difference between conventional and military half-spin? Looks like the grip is exactly the same. Is it just that with the conventional you face the sharp side at the target when aiming and throwing, and with military you face the flat side at target and push/brush with your thumb?

  3. lb4lbchump says:

    Thanks for all your videos. They’re all really good. What I’d like to know is what is or are the best ways to throw knives? Like the pros and cons of each technique.

  4. ExecDefense says:

    Adam, that's incredible! I came back to this media clip after I had remembered your posting it… Thanks for the visual demonstrations of the various techniques and the name ID for each. I am constantly amazed at your relaxed yet professional approach to the throwing arts. Thanks again for sharing your wealth and depht of knowledge and skill set …

  5. Ya I Do That says:

    Nice job Adam! I'm going to have to give them all a try. How about behind the back? I've gotten decent at that one. I think my favorite was the one where you kicked it in.

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