How many fighting styles does Thanos know in Avengers: Endgame?



I already analyzed Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther, so now we take an in depth look to figure out how many fighting styles or martial arts does …

18 thoughts on “How many fighting styles does Thanos know in Avengers: Endgame?

  1. DeathΩMessenger says:

    The most disturbing thing is, all of these actually match Thanos' character perfectly. He's obviously a wrestler with that body mass, but he's also a eons-old warlord who's fought and slaughtered people across the universe. It makes sense that he'd face and learn many martial arts along the way, and prioritize the ones that allow him to just slaughter his opponents as quickly, brutally and efficiently as possible while occasionally showing off just why the fuck he's called a Titan.

    Karate, Krav Maga, Boxing and Wrestling are right up his alley, with the Wing Chu being something to quickly surprise opponents like Hulk who think he's just another brutish giant. Marksmanship is also obvious, this guy has been blasting entire planets away for millennia!

  2. pedro guerrero says:

    When Adrian said about the headbutt, it's true that the headbutt isn't common in Martial arts. While yes in krava maga, they use the headbutt, this is also in sambo and to be more specific combat sambo. This martial art is very similar to MMA but a big difference is that in combat sambo, they can headbutt from the guard and standing as well as kicks to the grown

  3. Team VLCN says:

    One theory I've heard from SuperCarlinBrothers (a channel I highly recommend) is that Thanos is vulnerable to bladed weapons. If that's true, it makes sense for him to study a variety of disarming techniques.

  4. jblue88 hood gamer says:

    Do to Thanos info he is smarter then the smartest scientists and has durable skin so I can understand his kicking people ass in a fight and on top of that he weighs 930 pounds and is around 7 feet 2 inch tall.

  5. Stan Shatter says:

    Thanos's old job was at McDonalds on his home world. Kids referd him as Grimis ; sadly he got his heart crushed, disowned from his mother, and lost his job.

    After that he got swole at the GIM, and got into science and military. He became insanely smart that his people called him a mad man.

    After that, they all died from ignorance. Now Thanos has become the war bent, unstable killing machine, Mad Dictator; whom died twice all in the same film technically.

    We all know this is not how his backstory actually happened.

  6. Ramases Cumbie says:

    I like that they showed how Thanos can overpower anyone with simple knowledge and brute force, but….I don't like how they just downgrade Hulk like that. No chance, no nothing….i mean, yeah, in a few comics, he did crack planets in half, but I mean….at least redeem him. He's a pushover in movies now, a joke no one likes anymore….

  7. Ivan Stayner says:

    I love how thanos isn't there to just fight people. He is always calm when entering a situation. And he gets to talking to the people. Not showing off his power or his strength or any of that. He is just there to get what he wants. He is the "easy way or the hard way" kinda guy. That is what makes thanos so special to me.

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