How many fighting styles does Captain America know in Avengers: Endgame?



I already analyzed the airport fight scene from Captain America Civil War, so now we take an in depth look to figure out how many fighting styles or martial arts …

31 thoughts on “How many fighting styles does Captain America know in Avengers: Endgame?

  1. Tayshon Johnson says:

    Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if captain America were to outclass daredevil in martial arts prowess because despite daredevils senses cap is an actual superhuman and he is captain America for Pete’s sake

  2. Nathan Case says:

    There are so many push kicks that are seen in this series i made a drinking game out of it. Take a shot for every push kick you see. And i mean every one of them. The video of the martial artist with the arrows, the person that's talked about and push kick montage that has "Push Kick" in bold several times included. Good luck.

  3. Jens Apolinario says:

    Cap was God righteous man. The perfect soldier, he can use all of martial arts in just a minute when watching his opponent fighting style. Exept deadpool this guy's crazy HAHAHAHAHA

  4. Wolf Pack Pete says:

    I just had a thought, a practicality issue (not that it matters, these are comic stories where the impossible is possible).

    Cap's vibranium shield is completely vibration absorbent… that should mean it has no bounce and can't be bounced off walls.

  5. xxrockraiderxx says:

    So I know I'm super late to this but watching it and when it comes to stuff like the wrist locks and some of the kicks such as the push kick and hook kick, they are very prevalent in the style of martial arts I studied called Wadō-ryū.

    Wadō plays a lot into the concept of body movement and making a move that counts as both an evasion as well as a move to attack or using rotation to deliver a greater hit as well as turning an incoming attack so that as you move out the way it also moves your opponent away from you.
    I see some of the principles I was trained in in Cap's fighting form, and whilst I'd say he hasn't practised the style I'd say he's probably trained with practitioners as he seems to have some of that knowledge.
    Sure Wadō isn't alone in the having those features but it does tend to rely on them quite heavily.

    Hope I'm not speaking mumbo jumbo here.
    Nice video and I'm deffo gonna watch the rest of the series.

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