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30 thoughts on “How learning SELF DEFENSE can EMPOWER YOU! Q&A

  1. Noah john says:

    Hey nick I'm 16 years old 6ft 4 and in shape there's a kid at school who used to call me names and crap but I can brush off insults fine but once he shoved me then i shoved him back then he shoved my girlfriend and I punched him in the face I was suspended for 5 days.
    Is there a better way I could have handled this?

  2. starrysurprise2 says:

    Very interesting, As a kid I use to get teased by other girls sometimes but I never got physically bullied, and I can't imagine what I would of done if I had. All I was ever really told as a kid was not to get into anybody's car and not to wander off far by myself…they really should teach these things in school.

  3. para marco says:

    Nick please tell me this…i am 5 feet 2 inches tall and only 43kg and i am 18 yrs old.I know i am skinny but please tell me how do i get rid of my self created doubts about what move will worl fr me or not.

    I always have this doubt that will the moves which anybody teaches work for me or not.Definately i have to work double than everyone to make my techniques work because of my stature.

    But pls answer my question on how to get rid off self invented doubts and fighting in our head about what will work for me and not…


  4. N Y says:

    I've done boxing and a bit of Thai boxing. Kicking game needs some more work, hands/boxing/footwork are fast and competent. Tried a bit of ju jitsu but it's super boring. I'd like to give it another shot due to it's importance, but when I was down on the floor, I was thinking ''there's some dirty tactics I could use here if I wanted to avoid all this strength sapping holding'''. Maybe judo might be better? I'm too old for wrestling but was super strong in my 20's.

  5. Lumbanbatu Kornelius says:

    Thanks to your self defense tips Mr. Nick I was able to survive 3 years of highschool (I graduated last month). You're right about 90% of the fight is ego based and thank God I could defuse all of the situation I faced.

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