How I Practice No Spin Knife Throwing

I’ve been getting many comments from first-time viewers to my channel. Here are answer to frequently-made-comments: 1) Do your neighbors complain about …

29 thoughts on “How I Practice No Spin Knife Throwing

  1. Bo Hopkins says:

    Hi,  I am very good at throwing at about 7 ft.   After that I suck,  can you give me any pointers on how to increase my distance?   I do use larger knives but I can't figure out the form.

  2. Joe Decembrino says:

    Do you have any recommendations for a less expensive option of the flying steel knives? Namely the north wind, I plan on purchasing some from flying steel when my finances are a little better, but I cannot really afford $50 a knife, when I would like to keep sets of 3. I am looking for a narrower thrower, like the northwind or talisman.

  3. Romeo M says:

    can u show us how to throw like u with out spin I practice but with a spin like fast that it makes a make a sound on the way to the board. that fas I throw

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