20 thoughts on “How I Got Aikido Wrist Locked in BJJ

  1. mike scott says:

    So I've watched a bunch of these videos criticizing other schools of fighting, but I can't seem to find one that demonstrates your system. Am I missing it? I'd like to see it. Cheers.

  2. odudog says:

    You guys keep hating on aikido saying it's not pressure tested but you don't know the history of the art. The art is pressure tested by the founder and many of his students. They tested it in actual wars, not the regulated sport cage. Doing our art with resistance will break people hence the cooperation. A previous instructor of mine had his arm badly damaged from a white belt who did a technique either slightly incorrect for the dojo or too fast, not sure but the instructor was off the mat for 18 months.

  3. Jon says:

    im assuming it was something like a kotegaeshi? surely you must realise an arm drag is not exclusive to wrestling….. its used in many traditional styles such as taichi, aikido, and bagua.

  4. joey brunner says:

    nice video Taylor! I've got a brown belt in Japanese jiu jitsu, I love the style but I hate the way of training. would you mind making a video on how to perform an arm drag followed up by a wrist lock? that would add a lot of value to your videos!!

  5. profd65 says:

    I think the "stand up lock style" you'd like to see could be very effective, but the problem is this: how would you train it safely with full resistance? I mean, doing joint locks standing up with speed and body weight behind them coupled with little or no time to tap out seems like an orthopedic disaster.

    By the way, there is a martial art in existence that almost meets your specifications called Nihon Goshin Aikido, which is a mix of aikido, judo, and karate. It's been around since the early 1960's, and supposedly an American soldier learned it while he was stationed in Japan but it seems (to me) just as likely that this American soldier invented it himself.

  6. Jae Leighton says:

    You make some very good points in this video. One thing though. Why do you only talk about wrist locks. There are other locks in aikido and. Other joint lock arts. I do judo and hapkido with a bit of tang soo do. I know you hate on hapkido saying it's all ineffective but hey that's your opinion. My school only teaches the joint locks and we teach it well at least in my view. It's from everything. Punches kicks, grabs. And do light sparring. I say light because we don't finish the moves as the finish is to break the joint but good experience none the less. My master said never do a joint lock against a punch that is meant for speed mainly and once your in a bjj hold there is no move to get out. We have resistance training and the techniques still are easy to pull off when done right. This alone is not good though as you can't always use it and need to set it up. For far way you use striking for closer there is judo and hapkido. I feel it's situational. I've done hapkido in real life and trust me they do work if done right and trained right. No martial art is perfect for all situations. Not Muay Thai, not boxing, not Bjj, not Kung fu, not karate, not savate, etc. of course you can adapt but still only so far.

  7. Orion Jimmy says:

    This was werry interesting and i agree with you in some ways but wouldnt it be better if the people from the ufc and mma are learning more things they dont know and have that as a foundation like the aikido moves you talked about instead of having the same old grappling and boxing foundation that everybody knows?If the mma and ufc people always have the same foundation they will never evolve in the art of fighting.The thing is that most styles already have the basic movements down so isnt it better to train one style til you reach a blackbelt if you have a legit trainer?I have a name for people that jumps from style to style.I call them quitters.Theres nothing wrong with that but if a person gonna jump from style to style he most at least train a couple of years so he can call himself a real tae kwon do,kung fu,karate expert and so on.To learn some kicks in tae kwon do,some grappling moves and some karate punches ant think "Hey i am a bad ass"It dosnt work like that.by the way i have watching some of your videos and you have werry interesting points about the martial arts world.Keep up the good work.Thank you and peace.

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