How i am training for the “Navy Seal Physical Test”

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43 thoughts on “How i am training for the “Navy Seal Physical Test”

  1. Jaime King says:

    Some one ask Nava and iampapadukes since there marines(which is part of the navy) can they even do a fraction of that. Or better yet make that the next challenge…can you do more laps than jt.

    Can you or have you already done a video on how to get better at swimming

  2. Thomas TV says:

    I am one of those 5 to 7 meals per day, eaters. Never had trouble with PT/exercise until the last few years. Qual'ed for any and all training, back in the day; before messing my shoulder up, I was maxing push-ups and situps but only pulling a 70 – 75% on the run ….. Yesterday, my shoulder maxed at 35 (very painful) push-ups and I could not get in the Army regulated sit up position (hands behind the head with locked fingers); I ended up with 36 before the pain was too much. Between a non-repairable shoulder and knee, I barely pass with a 60ish % on pu and su but have a walking profile so I can't run …… In other words, stick with it while you can; if you let it go, it will make it harder on you, later in life.

  3. Israel Kvarme says:

    If you guys like JTSuits, you should look up gorilla survival's channel. I stumbled upon it yesterday and it is very new and small, but he offers a lot of insight and it is a very good channel. He was Air Force TACP and gives some advice on how to get through Special Operations selection, among other things.

  4. OGM510 Nick says:

    Been trying to get into the pipeline for the seals for over a year, physically I’m in top shape but MEPs wants to make a big deal out of a surgery, your videos keep me motivated to keep pushing, thanks for the good content

  5. mojav26 says:

    lol when I went through Hospital Corpsman A School our class leader was a 2nd class Seal who was changing his rate to Corpsman. Once he took us all to the gym and forced us, male and female, to do Seal calisthenics.. he thought we were so lacking that he never did it again! What did he expect from Corpsmen?! After graduation the Seal had his own department to choose his orders from, he wasn't even involved with the rest of the class's order pool.

  6. mojav26 says:

    Hello JT! About your knee, you might like to try SuperFood Plus from the American Botanical Pharmacy, and maybe their SuperProtein Plus as well. Or I understand that Prolotherapy is a good way to regrow cartilage (you might like to look up the video "Prolotherapy with Dr. Darrow" if you haven't heard of it before). – ex Corpsman!

  7. A.ROMERO78USN says:

    interesting……naturally you seem to be active but for you its to put you in balance or else….whacky feeling…i love to swim long distance and run long distance you seem to 2:1 on your swimming same here…running I try 13.25  a day when I do my runs DAY up hill 2 day break….then mix it up etc…this is just to be healthy and  to keep my mind/body /soul in check……being an aries is both a blessing and a curse….

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