How Good is Your Knife Training?! | Krav Maga Manchester @ KMSD

Krav Maga Self Defence in Manchester wonders how good most peoples knife training is and if it replicates real life attacks. www,

27 thoughts on “How Good is Your Knife Training?! | Krav Maga Manchester @ KMSD

  1. Alexei Lesukov Volkovich says:

    I might be paranoid but I don't let ANYONE close to me on the streets, keep always on guard and carry a collapsible baton with me at all times…situational awareness, risk assessment and threat assessment are Paramount for Street survival, plus hand to hand combat training.

  2. The viking cam says:

    You will get cut/hit in knife attack, no martial arts helps with that. Now that being said, you may survive that attack IF you have been training for years and years. That is the difference.

  3. arsalan saleem says:

    attacks r surprise i believe but it dosent mean u just sit and dont learn these stuff, it is necessary. somehow u can use it to stop fighting
    or keep ur enemy aware that u r ready for it,
    worst thing is after or while learning these stuff never make ur character challenging aggressive or ready to fight or u'll gonna pay a big price it might b bullet or nlknide stab

  4. juan moreno says:

    second 6:23 he got stabbed twice deadly in the third rib before a safe defense.nothing to do,no krav maga,no systema ,no nothing just run as fast as you can or get ready to visit san peter at the gates.

  5. partisan72 says:

    you can never train knife defense realistically through plastic knife sparring.Realistically would mean defending from a REAL knife storming at you with determination and force and multiple blows from different angles very likely causing lots of serious injuries.This ''detail'' ultimately separates even most close-to-realism intended sparring from a brutal reality of the street.Not to mention adrenalin rush, fine motor control skills diminishing etc. due to the parasympathetic nervous system reaction which makes the trouble even worse.

  6. Ulisses Augusto says:

    the thing about krav maga is to not retreat, all the videos people are trying to run away from the knife and the attacker, exposing the whole body, and not be able to control the weapon. Nice training, and training must be repeated thousand times more.

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