How Fantasy Sword Fighting Lacks Subtlety



How much realism can you really expect from animations / fight choreography in videos games and movies? There are certainly limitations, depending on the …

35 thoughts on “How Fantasy Sword Fighting Lacks Subtlety

  1. Olav Hansen says:

    I would like to see a movie where the hero is supposed to be a real weapon master, where he takes down his enemies at a fast rate by doing subtle efficient movements against the extravagant enemies. It shouldn't look too telegraphed, but just having the hero playing the "passive counterer" is pretty interesting, combining with a reputation of calmness, self control and just plain skill.

  2. WonderWaffle says:

    I know he made this video addressing games, but I’d like to see what he thinks of mordhau, because it seems fairly realistic but if it were you wouldn’t have wind ups and everyone would have a spear and shield

  3. 123 098 says:

    Spins are often used in mma to generate a more powerfull strike, giving more pay off for the risk where with a sword spins aren’t needed to to generate power and are an unnecessary risk

  4. Cata says:

    subtelty in mma is also crucial as MOST of the KO's aren't by 10 second charging fist but rather by a fist that comes in the blind spot of the adversary . Seeing a punch being thrown gets u time to flex your muscles and absorbe damage but if you don't see it you will just get fucked up

  5. WiegrafDX says:

    @Skallagrim What's the blade you're using in this video? It looks like a katana but the hilt looks like a longsword one which is a very interesting mix.

  6. Henry Liang says:

    Im guessing spinning attacks in mma fights are not used a lot and you have to time it right but also use it at the right time. As a fuck up could really fuck you.

  7. TJ_ the_Insane says:

    Its offensive? Haha… dumb maybe..

    You could do a sweet spinning slash attack into an unarmed peasant who wouldn't know how to defend himself even with a sword, probably cut him in half with all that force you have built up, but if you just slash him smart like, heavy flesh wound maybe, depending if his got winter clothes on haha. Spinning slash attack GG.

    A flicking motion with the wrists is much quicker, far more powerful and requires much less energy than windmilling your arms like that.

    I'm pro at KC:D, i dont like how all arrows penetrate plate armour, its not exactly accurate haha, maybe if like 1 in 3 piercing arrows would penetrate but none other types. But yeah I'm on my 5th playthrough and still havent finished the main story hahahaha, hardcore all the way, gotta train those survival and map reading skills hahahaha

  8. moomoomatt5 says:

    I so wanna now make a moment in my story where one of my characters try a really like spiny move then almost die and get saved by someone, then get yelled at for being dumb.

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