How Deadly are Throwing Knives, Bo Shuriken & Spikes?



Thrand and Eldgrim Fully test Flying Steel Throwing knives, Bo Shuriken and Spikes to see how deadly they truly are! So sit back grab an ale or mead and enjoy …

28 thoughts on “How Deadly are Throwing Knives, Bo Shuriken & Spikes?


    Great demonstration as always the only thing limiting your power is the particular style of throw you're utilizing. The "traditional" shurikejutsu grip and stance. It limits your full range of motion. you get more power if you threw like you throw a baseball.

  2. ZPERO says:

    You could spam a bunch of these from a few feet away at your enemy before drawing your sword. Hopefully you land some good hits (on unarmored areas) and slightly impair his ability to fight…

  3. Paperless Pages says:

    I imagine seeing your accumulated arsenal of thrown martial art tools has got to be impressive haha. I've been hesitant to dabble into thrown tools, I practice projectiles like my bow and slingshot but have only ever tried a throwing axe casually for fun. Do the two of you practice with axes as well, or tend to stick with the more balanced & projectile structured tools? I realized stance / posture and hand holding were huge in the axe.

  4. AssassAMan X says:

    used for distracting yes. To kill, yes. It's a surprise weapon. Guys that practice with American strong straight bladed, and use no spin technique. Walk up on someone pissing, and guarantee that shit will stick. I would advise more then one though. Mtech USA straight blade, my recommend knife.

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