HOW COMBAT WORKS! – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Guide



REINFORCE this channel here: A guide to the wonderful world of Bannerlord combat! (Do remember it’s still beta, at this time!)

30 thoughts on “HOW COMBAT WORKS! – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Guide

  1. Stefan Jackson says:

    Honestly the concept of the game is quite amazing but that combat i just hate it. I hate this type of combat when you feel like its just a puppet on a string with slugging chopping swing animations.

  2. Digganob says:

    Zerkovich: So in Mount & Blade II there are directional blocks, active blocks, shields which are easier to block with…

    Mordhau: Just right click right before an attack hits you. Doesn't matter where you're aiming it'll work.

    Seriously, this seems like a pretty good system. I'm excited to try this game out. After attempting to stab people in the legs in Mordhau, only to have their daggers which are several feet above where my sword was block my attack, this should be a good change.

  3. Daniel says:

    As a newbie coming into this series I am absolutely blown away at the sheer depth that this game has and I'm truly humbled by what the devs have done to create this masterpeice. It's almost like you are an actual person fighting in a medieval realistic war.

  4. Talia Klien says:

    The massive delay between the moment you click to the when your down syndrome character actually swings is so long that an AI can hit you at least three times depending on the weapon they have. This game is trash in one of the most important chunks of the game.

  5. Damien Buerger says:

    Refunded the game immediatly after playing the absolutely clunky, garbage combat that is this game. PROTIP: circle literally any enemy to the right and start swings immediatly from your left side and you can kill any enemy.

  6. Hasarel says:

    Playing multiplayer, mostly K/D ratio at plus… but still, didn't know that things like poor kicks can do so much difference there. Definitely gonna put some of those tricks in my combat. Hope that will lead me into better stats. Very good video 🙂

  7. Beepus McBumpus says:

    Anyone noticed that enemies this time around are way way WAY more tanky then they were in warband? Even with a good bow unarmored peasants take two to three arrows to the chest like it was nothing, meanwhile some asshole looter with a rock hits you for half your hp. Seems like such a weird choice for a game that made a lot of changes with more realism in mind. Joe Looter McGee over there has thicker skin than an elephant, meanwhile you're running around with glass bones that get broken if someone sneezes a lil bit too hard on you.

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