How A Navy SEAL Gave The Equalizer Its Brutal Fighting Style

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33 thoughts on “How A Navy SEAL Gave The Equalizer Its Brutal Fighting Style

  1. freaker126 says:

    something caught me in the interview that the director said basically, the bad guy thought, denzel the character was kind out of his depth. the problem is the bad guys were the one inside denzel jungle and out of their depth. It's like you think you're going into someone house and taking over, but no, it's his house and you're dead. :p

  2. John Nunez says:

    equalizer and man on fire couldnt be good unless you had denzel…wanna talk about brutality induced by revenge i believe denzel is the best. he gets so in character its unreal

  3. Jim Atyeo says:

    The whole style of this movie was done first in a movie by Jean Claude Van Dame, called 6 Bullets. Way better done than this movie. They copied a lot of the film technique and fight sequence from that movie too. Story line is different but really I felt I was watching a poorer done version of Six Bullets. I find Fugua very derivative of other directors. The JCVD movie was done several years before this one.

  4. stretch4859 says:

    Maybe Denzel Washington did use Navy SEALs to teach him that stuff for The Equalizer movie but also he is being trained in the martial arts by Dan Inosanto and his students and has been taking lessons from them for a good number of years

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