How a Navy SEAL Clears a Room | Close Quarters Combat CQC | Tactical Rifleman

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a TACTICS Video. Jason is ONLY showing tips on Foot-work; for Operators that already have mastered the basics of CQB. **** This week on Tactical Rifleman we get…

43 thoughts on “How a Navy SEAL Clears a Room | Close Quarters Combat CQC | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Yung Domino says:

    Im no expert but that looks like a good way to get shot. Chest exposed and so on, youre a big target. Again, Im no expert but I feel like anyone watching that corner could respond just as quick as you, moving into that position. Maybe not, I dont know it just seems dangerous and I feel theres a better way

  2. Quadree Whitmore says:

    Legit question. If I'm short stocking a full size rife (example M16A4) and I'm slicing the pie, should I stay with (eyes muzzle target) while turning, or is this video concentrating on the basic footwork?

  3. Tony Quigley says:

    Hi dude, just a second question I've always wanted to ask.
    American troops of all stripes seem to carry completely inappropriately large gear weights with them when going into combat zones (like that insanity with the 101st Airborne in WW2 dropping into Normandy each carrying roughly 120lbs of gear out the door of a plane when some of them were 130lbs themselves). I notice i see soldiers getting of transport planes, and i see alot of Marine Scouts and Recon carrying HUGE kit bags and seem to be struggling (i don't mean literally i mean, you can see that the weight is a burden, thus why they have to hoist the weight higher up on their bodies).

    Anyway my question is, is there ever any situations that this ends up costing a man or a unit? Like especially in an ambush, a much lighter enemy getting the drop on a fully laden scout or recon unit? Thanks

  4. Air 22 says:

    for what reason of this video clear a room trust somebody on the other side of wall already gun pointing at wall no training in the world will save u ur done. if u showed using a shields and bangs then group in then yea but 1v unknown how many around corner and he or alot of hes has gun already up ur done

  5. Julio Lopez says:

    Can you do a video of how to protect family on home invasion of a break in for normal shooters with a hand gun or a shot gun, particularly people like me who can't practice that much on the range and are working Joe's

  6. Dr. Vincent H.V. Tran says:

    My cousin clear a room faster than that. His technique is to stop bathing and showering for 3 months and during that time period he did all his potty functions in his clothings and let it dry naturally then when he need to clear a room full of bad guys he just casually walk into the room to clear them thugs out.

  7. riotact747 says:

    Probably there is a monitored and/or locked front door, as you bust in causing enough noise and alarm to provide advanced notice for your belligerents to have time to be waiting behind say a flipped over desk with guns pointed just over the top (with hearing and eye protection on) waiting to see your foot to spray the wall and you as you try and come in. Flash bangs being defeated leaves frags, but you can't realistically frag every damn room as that's a lot of nades and destruction. Best option is likely to use some covert surveillance to get some op info before barging in like Rambo. Figure out who's in the building first so you don't shoot non-combatants, if it's all bad guys drop a bomb through the roof.

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