Houzan Suzuki Knife

Link to Houzans channel I got a package today from Houzan Suzuki!!! Inside was a dvd, shodo art, and one of …

22 thoughts on “Houzan Suzuki Knife

  1. Nicholas Cavallo says:

    where does houzan get his shuriken or how does he make them. like what steel and heat treating/ tempering? Thank you


  2. samoth chipmah says:

    oh,i think i watched 100 videos of houzan the last weeks and im so impressed.ralph thorn is also a master.i like his powerful and absolut 100% sure throws.
    i realized that i have to make these weapons by myself.

  3. TheGreenMarksman says:

    thats cool!, hope to see you get more into nospin. you should try bo shuriken i started with knives but now throw mostly shriken for a few reasons. they are cheaper i just make them so i have more to throw also. they fly better for nospin .and there more durable

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