Honshu Tanto I sharpness test and sharpening the blade

Honshu Tanto I is a great knife for the price. When you pick up, it is solid in your hand. The fit and feel of the knife is excellent. The blade is nicely polished. a …

6 thoughts on “Honshu Tanto I sharpness test and sharpening the blade

  1. MrYayayify says:

    That's a real proper modernization of a Tantō or a Japanese Samurai combat knife you got there!

    It's a shame that the Microkatana/Tantō or the over Nihontō blade profile is pretty much irrelevant nowadays thanks to Cold Steels own take on the Tantō point and a lot of horribly butt ugly knife designs made use of it. Ironically Cold Steel produced a handful of aesthetically pleasing knife designs and two tantōs that made use of a Nihontō profile such as the Magnum Tantō and the Kobun Tantō.

  2. Peter says:

    Good video. Thank you.
    I saw the 'Tanto fail' video too. With all the respect: that man is a littlebit of a dumbass… (Wat h the vid and see with own eyes).
    He' s constantly hitting the steel guard (!) of the knife with his heavy rubber hammer, trying to split wood.So too much of that striking hammerpower is then transferred to the blade through that small guard!And as you say, it's a fighting knife. Hopefully never needed. But in such a case it will do the job of saving you from great injustice…

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