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Did you know they make pepper spray specifically for home defense? Watch us spray some at poor Bob and join us for a chat on ballistics, guns, safes, and a …

23 thoughts on “Home Defense | Guns, pepper spray, safes, and lighting

  1. Jovan Kovacevic says:

    Another thing with shotguns, make sure your group, whatever you use, is as tight as possible, no good comes from 24 shots when 15 end up in the bad guy and 9 end up in a wall or in a good guy. My suggestion is either buy the ammo where the balls come in a basket or mount a choke (NOT both at the same time, you'll get the opposite effect of the basket or choke). If you're planning on those 40-something shots to get to the bad guy you're responsible legally for every single one of them and if some stray from the course the judge may not shrug it off becouse you brought down the bad guy. That's why I hear people prefer the 8 shot 00s, they are very controllable and there are only 8 of them so not many to stray
    Or you can just forget about guns and stuff and just buy yourself a nuke from the black market, it'll sure neutralize any intruder and it won't get you in trouble with the law since it'll neutralize you as well lol

  2. J. Luis says:

    Well, your boy friend's demo is probably the best I have seen. Talking about rifle and the bullet reaction to into water, no need for Jelly.
    What I add to others regarding a break in if possible "Call 911" first what ever happens it is..

  3. Black Bart says:

    That was a great video! You two really crammed a lot of great tips and info into that! I was especially interested in what your boyfriend (I am so sorry I cannot remember his name) had to say about the caliber differences as well different shot that goes into the shotgun! That made perfect sense about the buckshot loads and all. Also I wanted to ask if he thinks a shorter barrel shotgun or perhaps one of those semi auto shotguns instead of the pump action would be preferred for maneuverability and taking the shucking of the action out of the picture for one less thing to have to worry about?
    Those super soaker pepper sprays look awesome too. Didn’t even know that those existed. I’ll have to pick one of those up!
    Thank you two for taking the time to set all of that up! Very informative and helpful, thoughtful things to consider!!

  4. TAVAAR7 says:

    Light on all HD firearms for PID, sling on long guns. As mentioned the best firearm to use is the one you have the most practice with and immediate access to. If you have multiple options with similar familiarity or are getting your first firearm specifically for home defense then your living situation should be a consideration, different calibers and loads are not all equal: some are better for apartments and others for rural where your closest neighbor is a mile away and you live alone (rule #4- know your target, what's behind and what could become behind/in front of).
    Fastest access is on your person, if you've got kids or concern of access then get a holster with good retention (like safariland). If unauthorized access is less of a concern then "staged" safes are another great option.
    Whatever you do dont just get a gun and call it good, get practice (in various conditions and positions if you can), become proficient, have a plan and know your local laws.
    Thanks for your vids offering advice, especially now with so many new firearm owners, tell your bf thanks for his service for me too and stay safe out there. 🙂

  5. KING JAY says:

    Just bought my first firearm a Glock 45 just because I did a small amount of research and I like the Glock as my first gun and of course as I get more skilled I will venture into other guns. What do you all recommend for my first shotgun and the brand of ammo to use. I am taking advice on different shotguns and of course I will try all that are recommended to me at ranges and then buy what I like the most. Looking at video so far is it fair to say handguns are useless in self defense cases. I asking because I honestly don’t know. I want to be smart about it.

  6. Beddamade says:

    I really enjoy your videos, they allow me to see things from a woman's prospective. This allows me to relate better to my woman. I also was wondering what is the age difference between you an your boyfriend. The reason I ask is because there is a 24 yr difference between my girlfriend and myself.

  7. Cassidy bloodworth says:

    What a great video with invaluable information. I’m not new to firearms or to home defense but I was able to learn and consider many factors I wouldn’t have thought to consider before. Thank you guys for the gear work.

  8. Joseph Carr says:

    Joe are you two doing during your quarantine in your last vid. You were doing allot of cleaning lol. I have to live with CT laws I was actually surprised when you said you were in mass. They are tough. CT stinks to but I must say alittle lighter then mass. Great vid. As always. Keep up the great work. Tell that former Marine this former Marine said SEMPER-FI. God bless stay safe.

  9. dhfd200 says:

    When you are upstairs looking down if you put a picture with glass on your wall or in your case door you can see the person coming from the other room which give you even more advantage. I have always put pictures in Strategic places to give me better views. Most people dont look for reflections on pictures. Just a helpful hint. Great content by the way.

  10. Irish Rose says:

    Great info. I appreciate the info on the various type of Ammo
    Im new to all this about year n half now. I love learning new things. Love this channel. Looking to upgrade collection when i get to friendlier state.

  11. Mario Monti says:

    Great video! I feel like Mac is giving us a recap from his classes. I like the simplex locks, have to look into a smaller one. I have home automation set up with a single keyword, or from a smart device, that turns on and off certain lights in the home. It's a good way to make it dark where you are, and bright where they are quickly. I hope Mac can extend his CCW classes soon. He's been a great instructor. While I carry an LCR, I have debated using something else for home defense, as I have 15 round pre-ban Beretta magazines.

  12. cdLady54 _ says:

    Thank you so much! You hit every area, as a new gun owner, I have been asking about. I love and miss the range since we, Illinois, have been under a shutdown. But the shotgun segment of this video and detailed information on ammo, awesome! Sharing this on to my siblings still waiting for me to defend them. Thank you for sharing.

  13. JimmyGunXD556 says:

    The one thing allot of tactical trainers forget to advise is the importance of a sling on a long gun. If you have a malfunction or knocked to your feet after you've missed your shot, your weapon can be retained and not be used against you.

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