Home Defense Bag / Intruder Defense Bag – What is in mine?

This is a look at what I put in my Home Defense / Intruder Defense bag that sits close to my bedside at night. The gear is packed in the OPMOD Versipack, which …

43 thoughts on “Home Defense Bag / Intruder Defense Bag – What is in mine?

  1. Simple Security says:

    I know this is a old video, but if you still have the bag set up this way I would suggest getting rid of the ASP. A Anti-Gun DA could claim that because you had a less lethal option you did not have to shoot an intruder. I would add at least one more mag for your pistol just in case. I would also suggest carrying a old "dumb" cell phone. You don't need to have it activated, but you will still be able to call 911. Also if you incorporate the use of a long gun I would add ammo for that weapon as well. Finally I loved the addition of the camera.

    I think this is a great ideal to prepare for the worst. Best wishes.

  2. Joe Watson says:

    if any of you guys have ever actually been in a home invasion situation you already know that the confrontation will be over in a matter of seconds… So while I have no objection to being well organized if someone is in your home you are not going to have time to get dressed and loaded up for a tactical march… I keep a shotgun by the bed with a 25 round ammo sling and the tube full. and a round in the chamber.
    I am just grabbing the gun in my underwater …
    generally if you have children and family in the house you do not want to go hunting. you want to gather your family together, dial 911 and let the bad guys come to you… if you walk out to confront the intruder and there is more than one you just killed yourself and your family too…

  3. Sub Lime says:

    Interesting concept. Based on experience from a home invasion I personally don't have the wherewithal to wake up, get to a bag of gear, then effectively deal with a threat who's already got the jump on me (maybe if I had military training?). Better to invest in systems that deter the invasion – good exterior lighting, motion sensors, and a dog are invaluable.

    Next would be a bright flashlight and cell phone on the night stand, not because the police will get there in time, but because intruders typically leave once they know 911 has been dialed (again, personal experience), and it's easy to do when you're still half asleep and full of adrenaline.

    Then there's the firearm. That should be the absolute last possible option. If you shoot someone you're likely to be in a world of legal trouble, regardless of your state, even if it's justifiable. And Heaven forbid you live in a liberal leaning state, or one with a duty to retreat, or if you mistakenly injure/kill a neighbor or family member. Not too many of us are crack shots in the dark at 3am, having been awake for a full 8 seconds ūüôā

  4. Charles Smith says:

    My only comment is that I have no intention of getting close enough to an intruder to try and place restraints on them.  If they are down, I will just cover them, until police arrive, and shoot them again if they try and get up.

  5. stripervince1 says:

    good bag o stuff. except the blanket, let the mofo bleed out. if a slimy maggot is in your house and you kill em even if hes shot in the back, too bad for him. i live in florida, we dont care down here. castle doctrine, stand your ground, no gun registration. best state for guns and 2nd amendment

  6. JA53705 says:

    another great video JJ. thanks. I keep a mossberg 500 near my bed. it holds 8 shells and i have a side saddle on it with 5 more. maineprepper did a video a while back about keeping a messenger bag near your shotgun with extra buckshot and slugs in separate compartments. I like the idea of having the option of going to slugs if there ends up being some distance between you and the assailants. probably more in a rural setting where your assailant has some people hanging back and you can impress upon them the need to leave before they come in too close after you subdue the ones that came in the house.

  7. james hill says:

    Nice bag. The only real change I would make is to place an Israeli bandage on the strap itself. If you are shot you may only have seconds to staunch the bleeding. Trying to open your bag,find your IFAK in the dark and then remove what you need possibly one handed as well as in pain would be a daunting task.

  8. GraymanTactics says:

    Humm, great vid but personally; if i have time to grab a bag, I have time to put on a plate carrier.. and i'd much rather have the armor and I find that platform makes it easier to access things in a hurry. As I see it, the priorities of a HD bag would be Medical, spare ammo, and tools that you may need for breaching/escape, nav/target IDing, and obviously holsters for weapons. Another pro for the vest is that if you have something like an Otter Box phone case that has one of those QD type belt holsters, you can put one of those on your vest and have a good place to hold your phone while 911 is on the line so that they can hear everything going on. You can also activate the camera on your phone and have a body cam of sorts.

  9. AJ Usog says:

    Good addition might be a stun gun/flashlight combo with high frequency strobe effect, like a Ruger rechargeable. Not sure what he paracord is for, but I would trade it out for high dose pepper spray gun. You have the hand gun which would suffice for any range, I'm thinking of situations similar to a couple drunken teens stumbling home from a party, not armed, and mistaking your house for theirs. No immediate threat but could get beligerent and no one wants to be in the news or in court for shooting a kid, so a less lethal option should be available. I live in a state that has two conflicting laws about intruders (Castle Doctrine & Duty to Retreat) so I'm pretty sensitive to not harming anyone if I can. So I prefer having the less lethal options readily at hand for when I retreat the family to a locked room and stand guard, but want a final option if the intruder does decide to do us harm. In other states, people defending their families, themselves, and their property are usually justified but in my state, law makers are too scared to declare any rules or regulations on what is lawful action for defending their families and property. A home defense court case in my state could go any way depending on how circumstances are sensationalized by prosecutors, what the current mindset of the population is on gun control, and if any recent stories on gun violence/vigilantism have occured.

  10. Hudson says:

    Since you asked for comments… I would ditch the extra knife. I dont think there is anything the extra knife would do that the folder wouldn't. Also, ditch the mirror and just set up strategic mirrors in your home to help you see around corners.

    I would add an old cell phone and write your name and address on the inside of your notebook. In stressful situations its easier to read than remember.

    Having a spare light with a strobe function that you can activate and toss into a room would be a good idea in my opinion. Disorients the intruder and lights the room for you.

    Last but not least.. Pepper spray, you can fog a room and possibly not have to shoot. If nothing else the cough will give up the bad guys position.

    I like the space blanket idea!

  11. Erika Pate says:

    I use an AR500 plate carrier rig it has a little bit of weight but its near by I just have to slip it on and all my gear is there and I also keep an old cell phone with charger all cell phone can call 911 even if its not active just my 2 cents

  12. gauleod says:

    In the U.K.we can't have gun's but dye pressure cannisters are allowed, So could be useful to I.D. someone if they get away. Also the old favourite world wide a baseball bat low tech but affective

  13. Rubicon1776 says:

    Its good to have all those items but from experience, when things go bump in the night time is of the essence and the quickest response is to grab your firearm with weapons light and respond accordingly, if you have time enough to do that.

    Unless you sleep with all that stuff strapped to your body, I think it would be more of a hindrance than a help in dealing with the immediate threat.

    A home is typically a small battle space, you can get others to go and retrieve your kit and deal with the aftermath if needed.

  14. Von338LM says:

    Why a bag? If someone brakes into your house, do you run down stairs with the bag flopping around your neck? Why not set up a home defense rig instead? 
    You should include a pair of kevlar gloves to your kit and have a pair of tactical boots(with zippers) by the bed. Nothing worse to smash your toes into an object, or not having god enough traction when running around barefoot. Also protect your hands. If they get cut on glas, the blood will act as a lubricant or worse you might get a mechanical injury and then you can`t operate your weapon! One never knows when Murphy comes knocking… And also, through in some non lethals. Less paperwork, no risk for prosecution, no blood to clean up after and also less traumatic for the kids… But It all depends on the threat level inside your house, your knowledge of CQB and how far away is potential backup…¬†

  15. Greg Zima says:

    For a home defense bag, I would remove a lot of that gear. ¬†It is not needed for home defense – that is more of half a bug out bag. ¬†For Home Defense, I would assume you are bringing that back around your house, could be in a fire fight etc. ¬†I would add long lasting water pouches in case you get pinned down, and 'bear' pepper spray (30ft), a taser (C2) that fires two wires. Have a protein bar and caffeine pills. ¬†No way for home defense do you need more than one knife. ¬†Add a headlight, not a flashlight, so your hands remain free. ¬†I see this bag as something you would carry for an intruder outside your home….. once inside you don't need most of that. ¬†This pack is just time to get a shotgun etc. ¬†Most people cannot hit a moving target with a handgun. ¬†Besides once inside your house, unless it is a maze of a mansion, you would just grab a firearm. ¬†Keep them out of your house!! ¬†Also – where are the extra pre-loaded magazines?

  16. txmarine5 says:

    I understand the use for a "home invader bag" but if Im in my house I have everything I need and I know right where its at, so I wont be using a home invasion bag, but if I were you I would add a cell phone and another pistol mag. And the reason why I give those to suggestions is, lets say there is an home invasion, you grab your weapon and the bag, there are multiple invaders you have to get your safe room or you had to barricade inside a room in your house¬†and you leave your cell phone and your kids and wife didn't bring theirs and the room youre in doesn't have a hardline or the intruders cut the power/telephone lines to your house etc….now you have a means to call 911 and 3 full mags…never can have enough ammo…no one has ever said man I wish I didn't have so much ammo…just my 2 cents.¬† Semper Fi¬†

  17. Jeremy Smith says:

    Good and clear vid w/ excellent production value!  Good job.
    I second the inclusion of tazer, mace, and tactical vest/body armor.
    As for a mask,..In Japan, one would never consider doing anything of great importance without first putting on a bandanna ( typically w/ an appropriate symbol )

  18. Cass Larsen says:

    I have unwrapped chem-lights in mine. The reason is to throw them in a dark room, in case I'm unable to reach a light switch. Also, walking around with a light on only lets the intruder know where you are. It also can distract or force the intruder to move to engage.

  19. Christopher Campbell says:

    Aussie Dave have a good list of items, of space is limited then add them in order of importance and usefulness.Stun gun and pepper spray bring useful to subdue or capitulation when lethal force may not be necessary.Rubber gloves are a bonus. Of choose training on All items for anyone who is going to use that bag. Perhaps an additional bag for your wife.

  20. Aussie Dave says:

    pepper spray, flares, hammer, tomahawk and perhaps a strobe light I'd also put in a bottle of water and some goggles along with a whistle and perhaps a taser also duct tape a bandanna and rubber gloves for moving possibly diseased casualties 

  21. AxleKlown says:

    I would add  type of pepper spray and stun gun just to have full escalation of force covered maybe a small revolver to hand your wife as well just in case the worst happens and you get shot and they get passed you she can have the means to defend herself and the kids . I like this concept and will be throwing my own version of this together  

  22. Zach Pavey says:

    Have you considered investing in body armor? You can get some police surplus used (not much) by detectives for around 100 dollars if interested I will give you contact info for the guy I got my vest from.

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