HK Tumult Knife Repair Tutorial



A handy how-to on disassembling the Tumult H&K OTF switch blade. Remember, this will void the warranty if it is apparent that you opened it and it’s always best …

12 thoughts on “HK Tumult Knife Repair Tutorial

  1. plejaren giants says:

    Mine will not hold the spring no matter what even after screwing it all down. My Phaeton and Hadron have the same internals and they work just fine. I've never had an otf act this way lol. Good upload!

  2. Sam Green says:


    I had the same problem with my 1st Tumult, something got into the mechanism and hindered the mechanism from working perfectly, so taking it apart to remove foreign debris was necessary.

    All but one of the screws came out easily enough using a T6 bit, but one of the screws simply would not come out. I really didn't want to use a micro jewelers screw extractor, but it was the only way to get the screw out. I then cleaned the inside with 92% alcohol, re lubed the knife, and closed it up. It then worked as good as new, well up until it went overboard.

    If you use a micro screw extractor, you'll need to find a replacement screw as the original will be ruined. The easy solution is to use one of the two pocket clip screws, then replace those when able.

    PS, Marc's tutorial here is a good one, showing it really isn't difficult disassembling and reassembling a Tumult. 

     His last step had me laughing when his springs went flying. It reminded me of the 1st time I disassembled a Troy Battlemag. I was trying out that magazine and was trying to put on that stupid asinine shock absorbing extended floor plate. That damn spring nearly poked me in the eye. So now anytime I disassemble a magazine or knife with a spring mechanism, I watching out for flying springs and such lol.

  3. mark serletic says:

    if pulling the blade to its outward locking position with your hand does not work then yes you have to get it open to reset the mechanism. that is what happened to me as well. stripping those screws is hard to do with the right tool. was he using a T6 driver? people are sometimes tempted to use allen drivers on those screw.

  4. Infidel7937 says:

    I have this same knife, but at one point it stopped working. The blade will not retract more than a centimeter or so, and the switch does nothing to help it. I would have dissembled the knife, but when my dad was taking the screws out he stripped the head on the screw near the back of the switch groove. Do you have any idea how I could fix this problem without dissembling the knife? Thanks.

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