Historical Dagger Fighting

These are the first dagger plays of the Arte Athletica of Paulus Hector Mair. These back-and-forth plays show quite a few illuminating aspects of Medieval and …

20 thoughts on “Historical Dagger Fighting

  1. Demetrius Kane says:

    sorey to say that but most of the shown situations would be also deadly for both of them. the "blocker" often blocks the first and second strike but would be absolutly killed from the third. he often works sloppy in defense cause he knows just the coreo and interacts nit instintively…

  2. METAL AND PROUD says:

    The fist 32 seconds looks like FMA, and Silat. Some of the later stuff almost looks like punyos.  Also I have noticed they like reverse grip fighting a lot.  Or maybe they just showed it a lot on this vid.

  3. sunnyboyswitzerland says:

    If you ever finding yourself someone who is throwing his knife from hand to hand, charge in when he is about to throw it to his left hand. Odds are he is not a lefty and if you can force your opponent to fight with his offhand, your odds rize, also, he might panik and doesnt catch the knife or at a bad angle so cant use it as good as he like. Overall, throwing your dagger around is not worth the risk!!!

  4. WColdblooded357W says:

    Very cool video!  I do Filipino martial arts and alot of our techniques are heavily influenced by Spanish renaissance edged weapon fighting.  It's easy to see the similarities in this video.   

  5. Emiel Kollof says:

    beautiful dagger play guys! I am a reenactor, and I use a lot of the techniques you showcase here. Also, I do use Aikido-style locks and aiki timing where the dagger becomes an extension to the hand. It works remarkably well. Maybe something to experiment with?

    love your stuff, keep it up.

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