Highlights from our October Sparring – Longsword, Messer, Basket-hilt Sword



Fighting with steel longsword, steel messer & sidesword, synthetic kriegsmesser and even dual messer. We had some interesting moments, including grappling, …

23 thoughts on “Highlights from our October Sparring – Longsword, Messer, Basket-hilt Sword

  1. kevlarandchrome says:

    That was really interesting. I rather like the less edited bouts, it shows how you can get distracted by less action and trying to out think your opponent, as much as you can by quick flurries of terror.

  2. sanataissick says:

    I hope we had more of these sparring videos honestly. There's so much theoretical techniques as well as geeking out on specific weapons or styles but not imho enough of the real thing. Or as real as we can and should go in the modern day while keeping it safe of course. I enjoyd the video and hope for more similar stuff. :p

  3. Sirdingmydong says:

    Hey skall! I wanted to know your thoughts on either the short sword, hand and half sword, or two handed sword from sabersmith. Im aware that you covered one of their products before, but I wanted to know if you could possibly do a video on more of their products, specifically the ones I mentioned. Would be super helpful.

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