Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima – Knife Fighting and Knife Techniques

Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima instructors demonstrating basic knife disarms, defense against knife attacks, and actual knife sparring!

41 thoughts on “Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima – Knife Fighting and Knife Techniques

  1. el Rey de Oriente says:

    Hey guys, c'mon, these are just drills, your aim is to practice your moves and build muscle memory. This is not an actual knife fight..  You eventually go faster as you go on but i do believe however that there is no 100% bulletproof way of disarming a knife without you putting your life on the line….  You WILL get cut.  It's better to have this knowledge tho as a last resort if running away isn't an option.  I know guys below this wanna eat eachother's heads off to prove their point but then again, if you see a knife.. RUN like hell if you can…  You don't know what it's like here in the Philippines.

  2. pandnh4 says:

    Whats interesting is the sparring session.  Both are clearly well versed, but there's a winner and a loser REAL quick, though it seems like it could have been either one at any given time.  In real life?  Either one could have been dead and that's that.  What I take from this is, avoid a freaking knife fight.  

  3. Ayib Gnerujtajl says:

    The proper way of defending knife attack is to grab anything longer than the knife or any objects can be thrown to the attacker like a hell of heavy rain. Don't fucking stand with him head to head, use your brain. Stupid!

  4. Turbonerds says:

    +JK Low
    >Low class
    Choose one.
    You make it seem like armed robbery and school shootings happen to everybody in America. You do realize that you actually have a better chance of dying via lightning strike than you do a mass shooting in the US and UK, right?

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