Hero of the East– Chinese twin blades vs Sai Master

Gordon Liu use twin blades to fight a Japanese Sai Master, a must see!

24 thoughts on “Hero of the East– Chinese twin blades vs Sai Master

  1. Candy Pangestuti says:

    If only Elektra has more duel fight scenes (using her sai swords of course) like this scenes, I believe that the film will be more amazing!
    Unfortunately, there are no fight scenes that force her to use the multifunctional sais, such as twirling while blocking the opponent's weapons JUST like this Gordon Liu's opponent!
    I hope there will be another director who will remake Elektra spin off movie that is rich in fight scenes (esp duels), so that we could see the real ways of using sais…

  2. moby D says:

    The Southern Chinese of Fukien used the Sais( Mandarin: called Gen) before influencing Okinawa's martial arts (therefore Karate). It originated in India as Hindu-Buddhist symbol called Tripula and developed as weapon in China and SE Asia ( Silat practitioners call them Chabang).

  3. tg1king says:

    im looking for an old movie like this one where there was a guy duel wielding spears and another duel wielding shields, and they are like2 of 5 generals with one with a sword that breaks other blades, a samurai whos the leader and some mercenary whos covered in throwing knives.
    if anyone knows the movie im talking about it would be greatly appreciated.

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