Here is why MARTIAL ARTS AND MEMORIZED MOVEMENTS don't work in a street fight- NYC seminar [Part6]

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40 thoughts on “Here is why MARTIAL ARTS AND MEMORIZED MOVEMENTS don't work in a street fight- NYC seminar [Part6]

  1. trishti says:

    The kind of martial art practised today has changed to fit the needs of society. It has become sport, fitness building resilience and development of the spirit. The need for defending oneself is left to the law and the police. It is usually the ego that gets one into trouble and the need for some kind of macho self defense moves to get out of it. The philosophy of karate is to extinguish the ego, no ego, no fights – verbal, mental, physical. Carry the ego to the Dojo and destroy it with the kata.

  2. Varun Sharma says:

    Nick I personally like your videos. I practice Karate. And in Karate there is phenomena called “Shu-Ha-Ri”. "Shu" means follow the
    rules and memorize the techniques so you get a conceptual idea of what to do. "Ha" means break the rules. So now you don't have to actually perform exact movements. And finally "Ri" means make the rules. Now you can improvise or make new techniques which work for you. And one who masters this phenomena can make new technique and execute it in split second according to attack. Because one's base of concept is strong.

  3. clifford hill says:

    I disagree with those who say martial arts don't work in  a street fight. I say it depends upon the martial arts guy. I believe that street fighters are assumed to have way to much ability, for instance we've always heard " don't let a street guy get you on the ground because it will be over" we say that as if the average street guy has the ground fighting skills of Royce Gracie or a ju jitsu blackbelt. The martial arts guys that I consider deadly would kill the average street guy with little or no problem.

  4. jadekayak01 says:

    that is so yrue but you have to train repetatively to build up a repitoir that can be used to answer most attacks.

    a trained person might stand a vhance against a knife attack but an untrained person is dead gor sure.

    your statement is a real fallacy

  5. Robert Warren says:

    Even if there wasn't years of recorded evidence debunking your claim, saying that martial arts and memorized movements don't work in a street fight would be a statistical improbability. It would suggest that out of the 7.6 billion people on this planet, martial arts and memorized movements have never worked for even one single individual in a street fight – – while not even bothering to take into account a person's build, strength, reaction time, intentions, skill level, fighting style(s) or the other myriad factors that come into play. If someone like Tonga Fifita for example, a martial artist who has tanked shots of mace to the face, snapped handcuffs, and systematically dismantled people, is approached by an untrained, strung-out, stick-up kid with a knife, who would you, based on the factors presented, put your money on? Memorizing movements is the first step to using them instinctively and effectively – – the right technique for the right situation. If you don't memorize the correct way to throw a punch, you're more likely to break your hand during a fight. The martial art known as Bakom is a series of memorized techniques designed to maim or outright kill opponents, specifically during street and prison fights, where weapons are likely to be used. The style also promotes improvisation. And this is just one example. You're essentially throwing all martial arts forms into a single pot. Some styles are going to be more effective than others in particular situations.

  6. J K says:

    I've trained in a few martial arts but mostly Kajukenbo and some BJJ in a Gracie school. We were taught to defend against knife attacks in many variations (overhead downward, thrust, slashing at different angles, etc.) and then they randomly started attacking us so we would have to be able to apply. I realize you cannot cover every possible situation and are in deep water against a truly skilled knife fighter but I still say it's better to have 80% of the possibilities covered than nothing. The first option is if I can make a run for it but that isn't an option when I have a kid with me. The best option is always "Don't be there" which only requires common sense and awareness but the unpredictable can always happen and I am thankful I know something. Taking off an article of clothing (likely no time for that) and using it for distance or to snag the knife or arm…or absorb some cuts to forearms is a good idea. I like most of his videos and think you're crazy if you willingly enter into a fight against a weapon when you can exit…..agree 100% that some instructors pump their students up with junk and feel some instructors are teaching great things to people who are awful at applying it. I appreciate these videos because I learn SOMETHING from all of them. All of the arts have something to offer and the more USEFUL things you know the better your chances are at survival/"winning".

  7. David dela says:

    i have kept my mouth quiet but lotta martial arts is bs … only martial arts that can work are the BASIC ones.. none if that fancy bs . boxing muey Thai wrestling and BJJ and krav maga are styles that if practiced seriously can work . but u allso gotta go throo lotta different scenarios . and each style has holes in it .. bottom line is nothen is 100 percent garenteed

  8. assoverteakettle says:

    I don't completely agree about the knock against memorization. To learn anything…driving a car for the first time, math, a new language, how to get to a new street in your city…requires a level of memorization. Memorization (aka book smarts) is part of learning but to be able to do something requires actually applying what you memorize and learn (aka applied knowledge).

    Brazilian jiu-jitsu requires a lot of memorizing complicated techniques. A simple guard pass requires a lot of steps you have to memorize when you are learning it for the first time. The difference in BJJ, however, is that you adapt what you memorize to real life application through trial and error by sparring for real against a resisting oppponent. That is you apply the knowledge. Without the sparring and rolling, the BJJ techniques, on their own, would be as useless as any other martial art that frequently get dumped on like aikido and kung fu.

    Therefore, memorization and collecting techniques isn't the issue. The problem is not applying what you know through sparring against a resisting opponent so you can filter what works for you and what does not.

  9. 3N Productions says:

    No matter what martial art you learn it is a matter of paying attention to your teacher and practicing on your own enough so that you remember the steps and moves so well you can do them very fast.

  10. Sumin Shizzles says:

    Kay. Putting down martial arts to sell tickets for your seminars is pretty low. Martial arts is more than just physically defending yourself but that is nother topic all by itself. Easiest way to get out of a knife fight is to run. But lets assume he trapped your arm with the knife as you stated in the video. There is no pulling back of the arm with the knife and id rather take a punch with the other arm while i dislocate your elbow and then your shoulder. But go on and give people a false sense of security with the only techniques that work. Which are yours right? Your are worse than dillmann with his no touch knockouts or those kia masters lmao. Lets look at something else. Would you rather fight a person who has had training or would you rather fight somebody who has had no training at all? I bet i know what your answer is.

  11. Aurelian Spodarec says:

    I got a great video ideas for you Nick!!!

    Go to these Martial Arts schools in your area and say you want to challenge them, or sign up and try this shit on them, see what they'll say.

  12. Menehune Beachbumboogie says:

    You sound dumb as fuck teach….that's like saying practicing your a,b,c won't get you to college. You need some form of understanding and foundation before you start doing big boy stuff. Then as you get basic crap down..eventually it becomes pure 2nd nature to where you don't even HAVE to think in a fight or dangerous situation because its just a natural reaction at this point. Yeah there are bull shit martial arts places out there…but to say "martial arts doesn't work in real life" well you just played yourself and sound like a dumb fuck. You're welcome to come to any Gracie Academy and try that shit on a Brown or Black Belt. Though BJJ is only meant for a 1v1 fight so there's that. Well in that case go to any Muay Thai gym in Thailand and try that shit on there advanced guys…namely Buakaw's Gym. Get f**ked up real quick

  13. Rob deline says:

    Mma nuthuggers kill me. Lets say you have 100000 ways to attack. How do you prepare and train without pre arrangements. Ohh i teain bjj il just lay down and spread my legs and hope i get dry humped. Fucken stupid. Name a martial art that has no pre arainged training movement

  14. Marcos A. Murillo Vlogs My Life Journey says:

    Nick, I’m a big fan of your videos and I always will Be because your videos are entertaining and really good. But I kinda disagree that martial arts don’t work, I don’t know what you mean by memorized movements, but as a 15 yr old who does martial arts/fight training I must say that martial arts can and do work, if the practitioner has good aim and precision and other good fighter qualities. I plan on taking up taekwondo and I must say based on what I saw of it, it’s really effective. Maybe not for everyone but it can be good for a street fight. Hell if you can do high kicks you’ll have an advantage over most people cause they can’t do high kicks, and i have a friend who practices TKD and he’s a pretty effective fighter, better than most of my friends.

  15. Sandra Martens says:

    in 16 and have trained in taekwondo, bjj, wing chun, jow ga and I could beat every man in that room in a fight, and my sifu is a 6th Dan black belt and he would kick my ass in seconds even if he was blind folded and I was wearing knuckle dusters

  16. Five Books says:

    Weapons change everything. 1st option in any street confrontation is to run or avoid it best you can cause you have no idea if the person is armed or his level of training. Even if they have no weapon and no training there’s so much that could go wrong. You might get your eye gouged out or a number of things. Not worth it. Stand and fight when there’s no other options.

  17. Sylvester Hale says:

    Pre Arranged movements don't work in real self defense situations because like what nick said not everyone moves the same way or not everyone acts or reacts the same , so not everyone will move or react the way you think , that teaching that crappy knife defense technique will be in for a rude awakening if ever finds himself in a real knife fight or even there's no telling how many people he has taught this to , and if they try in real situation they could loose their life , and it will be on that man's conscious, and nick is trying to help this man see the error of this.

  18. Sylvester Hale says:

    Also in real time people will also retract , so the the minute they see him try that block they will pull back and do multiple thrusts and stabs at a rapid speed that dude is not ready for that .

  19. jackfavvv says:

    If you're going to take on a knife unarmed, then you need to acknowledge  the fact that you'll get cut.
    Otherwise, you'll get cut, freeze in disbelief and get cut again.

  20. andy rocket says:

    You dont need to know how he will attack, speed, balance, awareness, motive. IF a martial artists motive is to hit and kill you he will. If you dont keep balanced you die, if you are slower you die

  21. deadlined33 says:

    There are definitely some bs techniques but there are some that definitely work. There is no way to know exactly what will happen in a fight but you can train for common movements and scenarios. Using instincts in things you’ve trained for would be preferable to using instincts in nothing. Your best bet would be to avoid those situations run away or comply as long as you didn’t think it was some crazy person that just wanted to hurt someone.

  22. keith oneal says:

    I'd beat this guys ass w just doing kata moves…. White belt kata moves…. He does have valid points… You can not predict your opponent.. Bruce Lee said this… But we can anticipate how the human body moves. You're not defending against a knife but the arm and hand that wields it. There are sequences that are taught to deal with attackers with knives. But again… He's right with not predicting.

  23. brandon kaghee says:

    To be honest sir, as far as individual schools and teachers with selfish intentions goes then theirs some truth here within the discussion youre presenting. however to broadly state that martial arts In general is useless and your claim for backing this is the "internet" is from a ignorant bias and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but at least clarify to the viewers that this is YOUR opinion on the matter and not fact because there's eons and countless amounts of people who know otherwise about the effectiveness of martial arts and who have protected their life with such

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