HEMA instructors fighting with the Polish saber – Lee Smith vs. Richard Marsden



This was recorded on June 12 2016 at the end of a seminar that Richard Marsden gave on the use of the Polish saber on foot at the Blood & Iron HEMA school …

43 thoughts on “HEMA instructors fighting with the Polish saber – Lee Smith vs. Richard Marsden

  1. Book Wyrm says:

    Honestly, without the extra information that these are masters of a historically accurate martial art, I would think they were just LARPing. Until they start landing the occasional hit, it looks like the way children play-fight, by aiming to hit each other's sword, and just flailing at the air in front of themself over and over. I guess that just shows how instinctual this particular regional style is.

  2. Borys Mądrawski says:

    Great effort.
    I wonder if wouldn't be possible to incorporate more cross-cutting style and remain effective?
    I wonder how such a fight might be look like when one accurate hit causing one death.

  3. Philippe D.R. says:

    I've seen a few Polish Sabers fight and I find it to be a very elegant and flowing style of fighting. It really deserves to be called a martial art. I also really like those continuous fight rather than tournament style very short engagements. I hope to see more of this.

  4. Artur Semeniec says:

    attack of Polish szabla was legs too, na początku jak był na koniu , zwalało się go , później na ziemi atakowało nogi , ostatnim bohaterstwem było walczyć na przeciwko siebie na szable

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