17 thoughts on “heaven 6 blade detail icepick grip and standard grip double knife

  1. Greatbear1982 says:

    Every time I watch one of your new videos like this I learn something I wasn't thinking of at first… Thank you Brother! I am going to have to train this in to my heaven 6 patterns for reverse grip! 😀

  2. wmpyr says:

    thank you for the kind words bro, it's all about the dedication and training, as you know the rewards are endless but they show us how to appreciate the little things in life 🙂

  3. Big John says:

    Awesome video Brother Wmpyr the icepick grip is probably my favorite grip because for my style and size it is very effective and if someone try's to take it its very hard to do so without getting themselves cut and if you brace the spine of the blade against your forearm you have the power of your arm and torso behind it for slashes or from braced by your forearm if you pop your wrist it will give a very fast and nasty snap cut

  4. Loyal2law says:

    I actually practiced this years ago, playing around w/ it, since I realized that all that I did w/ the heaven 6 was doing it the normal grip & not the reverse. It felt uncomfortable. Years later, you now made this video, & it explained A LOT on how good it is, especially when one grip's diff. from the other. Honestly, the more I watch your stick arts vids, the more I learn, the more my basics solidifies, & the more I want to train. I'm so glad I'm part of your youtube circle =3.

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