20 thoughts on “(Headcam View) Knife Defense Perspective

  1. stormy says:

    Now this is very WOW, Nick!! The Go Pro or what ever is BRILLIANT! Puts us right there! Do more! Take those videos and SLOW them down. This is as close as you can get to BEING there. More, Nick, MORE! Love these Go Pros! This videoing stuff we could only wish we were there.

  2. Thunder Chicken says:

    The issue i see here is that
    1)attacker is only thrusting and not putting much into it. If he were to thrust and move forward towards you.. this technique will be a different scenario. I don't think the attacker will be as compliant and stationary, or attack in one pattern.
    2)putting your hands up like that may be smart against strikes. But against a knife it could be suicide against someone who knows what to do. You are leaving your wrist and forearm exposed to the blade. Cutting the inside of the wrist or forearm could leave you dead in minutes.

  3. Perry Kennedy says:

    What if he pushes you up against the wall and crushes you while stabbing you? or grabs you with the other hand and the starts stabbing you??? He's a big guy with a lot of power, what do you do in the first example I used?

  4. Neil Built That Wall says:

    If you guys found the time, could you do a defense video for disarming and incapacitating a person who is about to committ a spree shooting? The France train incident got me thinking. I know this is situational, but in case I'm next to someone who's about to pull an AR out to wipe out everyone in the building, it'd be useful.

  5. Cool One says:

    Nick, can you consider a video on how to break from a run to turn and face a faster runner who is gaining on you. When to turn, how to surprise him by stopping & turning, what to do to stop him before continuing to run. Thanks, Nick.

  6. Silke F says:

    i feel really angry about this big mouth guy that knocked hours ago the older lady out on the street. but its good that nick drossos teaches so many good tricks how to deal with attackers. i always thought these fight defense videos are just nothing that i would ever need, but i realise more and more that all kind of sick brutal violent angry pissed guys run around outside and if they drink beer or take drugs, or if they can´t get beer and drugs, they get highly violent. we should learn how to deal with junkies because junkies always stand up again. they are like zombies, weak, but they get up again and they got no fear because their brain is not working in a realistic mode. they act like they are god. but they are a piece of shit. they deserve nothing good. and attacking females as a guy is the weakest shit ever!!!

  7. Silke F says:

    hello guys i just came home and i got to tell you something!!! there was a guy on the street and he wanted a beer and told this a older lady at age 40 or so and she got afraid and what he did? this big mouth guy knocked his head into the right side of her face. the women was falling to the ground and he started to punch her with his fist. a young guy around age 25 or so went fast between both to protect her and he could punch the big mouth guy on his left side but he was not good at punchingl it was a soft punch. all this happened so fast, maybe in less than 30 seconds and i was just walking into this scene bt as i was about 20 meters away, the police started to show up and they tried to hold this guy but the big mouth guy called the police a piece of shit!! so i went to the police and told the police that they should not be so polite with him but the police girl did not knew how to deal with this guy, the police male also was a bit confused. so the police called a doctor and the doctor got also attacked from the big mouth guy so we all watched this scene. many guys just said "when the police wouldn´t be here, this guy i would knock the fuck out" but the police protected him even from angry guys. all guys were very angry about him because he knocked a older lady out with his head and fist. unbelivable, really a huge shame for a guy to act like this. after about 20 minutes this guy broke down and started to fall so the police could just take him into the police car, but they drove not into the police station. i know that because the police station is just 15 meters away frm that point. the hospital is also on the other side. so where did they drove him? maybe into the next psychiatry? you saw clearly that this guy was a heroin junkie. a dangerous one. not just a pissed angry one – but a highly violent piece of shit he is!!!! he looked also angry at me but i couldn´t give him a beautiful punch because the police was standing next to me.

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