Head Movement & Defensive Techniques vs a Much Taller Attacker

In the “Head movement and Defensive Techniques vs a Taller Attacker” video, we have a 6’7″ opponent trying to punch Nick in the face! Subscribe to my …

38 thoughts on “Head Movement & Defensive Techniques vs a Much Taller Attacker

  1. MrByaeger says:

    As a counter point I am a fairly tall guy , 6'2, and will tell you I would rather face another tall person than a shorter one. Shorter fighters can bob and weave much faster and get into my center line and upper cut or shoot on my legs . When you have to punch down like you say you are hitting the top of the skull and are also blocking your own line of sight with your arms. The "Peek-a-boo" style tears us up. The longer the spine the slower the head movement so we don't tend to train it. We HOPE you stay outside , change levels and get inside our elbows and it's your game

  2. vanbonne17 says:

    Hello nick i like your vids ,i have my doubts about the blocking , but the kicks are great may be a low side kick can added ?anyway check out the webside functionel self defence it is the same principe, thanks ,greetings .

  3. Minh Nguyen says:

    I really love your videos Mr Drossos, they're awesome. Can you please make videos about self defense for people that wear glasses. I did practice your head movement tips but sometimes my glasses just fly away when i dodge too hard, plus my eyesight is very poor when my glasses are off. Thank you sir.

  4. Samuel Desjardins says:

    I really don't like the fact that you put your hands in front of your face. I've seen so much people getting hit by their own hands trying to block a punch that way. But, it seems to work for you, and that's fine, you have a good range distance. Most people don't have good feet work so they'll get down on their ass.

    Personally, if I can, I run, but if you can't, I'd do like you did in your other video, and get close to him. Elbow strike, uppercut, kicking in his knees and groin.

  5. Messenger MCExtra1 says:

    I like that the video is realistic and based on what's likely to happen. I think what's most important is using legs but also attacking as you cut angles as this is where most taller opponents have less of an advantage

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