Hardwire Bulletproof Backpack Insert

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15 thoughts on “Hardwire Bulletproof Backpack Insert

  1. Josh Vaught says:

    Can you cut these down to fit into a small child's backpack. For example a kindergartner or preschooler. My son and nieces backpacks are too small to fit the 10×13 panel and they are too little to be toting around full size backpacks. Lol

  2. mdak06 says:

    Once I can afford it, I plan to get both of these … and possibly a whiteboard as well. I think that ideally, these Hardwire products would be part of every school's security plan.

  3. Jaybird196 says:

    This is a great idea! I've been thinking about this exact sort of thing. Not only can it help protect the wearer, but it can also protect essential gear from small arms fire 🙂 .

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