Hard Training Knife Fencing Defense Attack



Lajolo knife defense system.

6 thoughts on “Hard Training Knife Fencing Defense Attack

  1. siemprelavictorie says:

    2 observations:- 1) Picking up the chair is going to be easier than getting out a flick-knife. 2) In the UK – and other countries – you can end up in jail just for carrying a knife. Picking up a chair in self-defence gives you some protection in the conflict and in a court of law. Good video.

  2. Quantum Mechanic says:

    Your English is very good Master Danilo . This is the best reality blade combat teaching out there . Using the chairs and table as exercise and to perfect movement in a café or pub scenario was impressive . Some teachers say the overhand "ice pick" attack is the sign of an amateur and I disagree . An overhand attack generates 5 times more energy than a "conventional" lunge  or stab and there is a time and a place for it . 
     I would like to know your thoughts on how to defend against an overhand attack .
    Thank you for directing me to your Gypsy scissor fighting video . Please make another and longer video on the Gypsy scissor fighting and your choice of fixed and folding blades .
    As always – My respect and thanks sent for your superior videos .

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