HARD-CORE MSK-1 Tactical / Combat Sheath + Mini Paracord Survival Neck Knife

Pre-Order Now @ NEW! MSK-1 Desert Tan Tactical Sheath – UNLOCKED @ $150K. MSK-1 Knife CRUSHED Goal on …

32 thoughts on “HARD-CORE MSK-1 Tactical / Combat Sheath + Mini Paracord Survival Neck Knife

  1. chris arthur says:

    Good looking knife and i would buy 1 for sure but ur crazy at that price. Ill buy 3-5 knives just as good for still less money!! You might get a few idiots that pay the crazy ass price but dude…. ur never gonna sell lots when there are so many other knives to buy for 1/10 the price and are made by already reputable companies.

  2. Li am says:

    This knife is my dream knife especially with the mini knife, survival kit pouch, built in firesteel and the sheath kit but it it so over priced in so mad that I can't buy this

  3. jhon doe says:

    for $600 you can build an entire survival kit on amazon and walmart. this knife is for people who already own every survival item and just looking to buy a survival bling knife

  4. Ruiner177 says:

    Why would I spend that much for a knife when I could buy two or three of what I know works. I don't understand why people think they can charge outrageous prices when they know their demographic is the mid working class. I would rather spend that money on food supplies.

  5. jan strnad says:

    Hello I'm knife lover and I like your knife very much but price you are asking is ridiculous! it's too overpriced! I have knives at same cost but all are custom made! I would love to own this knife but not for price like that sorry………

  6. Ian Miller says:

    For 600 dollars? This knife should at least be made out of elmax steel or cpm 3v or 30s. D2 is prettty much the stainless version of 1095 and is crapp at least for survival. Here let me pull out my olive oil from my back pocket to keep the knife from rusting in my survival situation..NOT. The only positive about d2 is its ease of sharpening. Everything else about it is junky

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