Hapkido Knife Defense Demo

Demonstration of hapkido defense techniques against a knife. Performed during a hapkido test.

20 thoughts on “Hapkido Knife Defense Demo

  1. countsmyth says:

    All these dickheads saying this is too slow etc. Id prefer to have this knowledge than not if attacked with a knife. If this guy keeps practicing he will become faster and more skilled!

  2. elendiel says:

    visually nice, but you still have slim chances. For great information on knife fighting, try video "Paul Vunak knife philosophy", or youtuber "creativecombats"

  3. spsmonktoo says:

    @bretthise1 Exactly right. Even the most skilled martial artists would be advised not to engage. Run, but if you must fight, eyes, throat, temple, anywhere where a single or series of strikes will incapacitate quickly. Best case scenario, run, turn and fire!

  4. WolfRogue says:

    @AltronGenuous13 hmm ur theory is somewhat incorrect i'm a brown belt in hapkido u see him always moving behind the opponents back tht means he can't punch to the face so there goes ur punch to the face theory

  5. schmuardian says:

    already mentioned, it's a hapkido test… and especially in a martial arts with a long history and tradition like hapkido, there's gonna be some rituals and stylized movements put in… it's like the knee walk in aikido, or the traditional dance in muay thai. I thought you'd know, after doing martial arts for 25 years.

  6. TheTerrorUforgot says:

    Get on the other side on his body so he has to punch across. Getting punched in the face is a small price to pay for utter control of the knife. I wouldn't worry about the free hand as long as I could get knife control into an arm lock or take down.

  7. mennoace says:

    then your bet is utterly wrong ^^

    I've been training in real combat situations (be it with fake knives) and yes, you will get hit the first 100 times or so, but once you get the hang of it and learn to read your opponents body, disarming/avoiding weapons is in fact one of the most easiest things to do. Just keep a clear mind and cool your head.

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