7 thoughts on “Hapkido BS Gun Defense Ji Han Jae

  1. jake morris says:

    The technique he most likely demonstrated in the seminar involves striking the pisiform bone of the gun/knife wielder. If you get hit there hard enough, as in full blast defending your life hard, it is possible the weapon wielding hand could go temporarily numb. The force of impact can atleast redirect bullet trajectory and open up space to apply an attacking technique. It takes practice and repetition of course to properly execute the technique without thinking and with precision targeting. Many other techniques across many styles will also work, but the technique Ji Han Jae demonstrated involves minimal movement and positioning. You would understand this better if you were struck with real force on your pisiform bone. I recommend engaging in actual research before making posts like this one.

  2. Jungki Kwan Midwest says:

    Gentlemen, and inconvenient truth…Ji Han Jae is a low ranking Hapkido practitioner…he had little or no contact with Hapkido's Founder, Choi Yong Sul, after 1968…
    All of Ji's material is of the most basic level.
    He is really not a good representative of Hapkido at all…
    We use a common gun defense in Chicago…it's called give up your wallet or get shot…

  3. rawsnl says:

    What a load of BS. Damn. You can slap away a knife though but it takes both hands coming from different directions. One to the inside of the wrist and the other on the back of the hand from a downward angle. I got vid on my channel that shows how; https://youtu.be/OdsvOMFX59Y?t=46s edit: hapkido is BS. Not you guys 🙂

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