HANDLES Knife Attack Like BOSS… 1 Lesson for Self Defence



Best Way to Defend Yourself is to carefully pick your position in a street fight. This week look at a case study in which a Bouncer is faced with a knife attacker.

42 thoughts on “HANDLES Knife Attack Like BOSS… 1 Lesson for Self Defence

  1. Alpha Momentum says:

    This is the only time I wouldn't feel bad about a stamp on the head. The guy already tried to kill him, how he held back after he dropped him… I have mad respect for that.

  2. macyoda 2 says:

    hi,, dude that's the most sensible life-saving video I've seen on youtube,,, I've been practising martial arts for 49 years after being left for dead in east London at 12 years old I've been in conflict in the army as a doorman a minder and bodyguard and I know when you face a man with crazy eyes with a sharp its a triple adrenaline rush,,,, and then you gotta deal with the man or woman,,, I learned the best way for me which is so similar to what you did, I tend to use a modified standing kimura against a wall,,, great advice,, best yet

  3. James Quinn says:

    If you are gonna draw a knife make sure your opponent notices you have it AFTER they have been sliced if you draw a blade use it with intent don't stand there making threats had one guy pull his blade out to intimidate me he didn't realise I drew mine until it was already in his ribs I have no issue using a blade on someone if it means I get to walk home

  4. Gary Harper says:

    I disagree. In my opinion, once you had checked the knife, as in your scenario you had time to do, you should have knocked him out straight away not wrestled for the knife.

  5. Danny B says:

    Door man handled it 5 Stars. Speed Surprise Violence Of Action. He watched his hands, the second moronic teenager reached into pocket, never lost site of it and gaged his aggression level. I would not mind a doorman like that at my apartment.

  6. Jussi Rytkönen says:

    I believe he actually had better chance controlling the arm above the elbow than below, where movement is much quicker and would get much of it's power from the free movement of the upper arm. Basically he's endangering only part of his own arm as long as he keeps the upper arm blocked, while the lower arm would be quick to escape the block as well as strong with the upper arm free. Not to mention he would compromise his posture and strength as well as provoking the opponent, leaving his left fist unobserved, while reaching down to the lower arm.

  7. James sevensix says:

    The moment he pulled the knife the doorman should have attacked him.
    If that attacker was really committed to stabbing him he could have. The only reason the bouncer was successful was the attacker kept bluffing.

    You see a weapon, you either flee or fight without delay.
    Waiting like he did was stupid and dangerous.

  8. justin k. craig says:

    Prepare for the worst , hope for the best . although its glorified in tv and music , cowards go for weapons 1st , A life should hold more value than an EGO but many cowards just wannabe tuff soooo bad but are too scared to be . grabbing a weapon shows cowardess and fear when odds are otherwise even but the instigator pulls weapon is pussy. Only in self defense of a life threatening situation should a weapon ever be used. I've been mostly lucky in these situations when these weak scared baby men pull a gun or knife and I've either talk it down or had to disarm them violently with minimal personal damage (lucky for me bad for them ) but I hate it! Several times people I love were killed needlessly , beat to death ,stabbed , gutted or shot over b's ignorance and ego cowards. Humanity has serious priority issues , these cowards promoting this way of thinking should be publicly shamed , NOT glorified and mimicked . Thanks for sharing such knowledge , I like watching a wannabe tuff asshole coward running into a real warrior. A warrior is a protector of peace and life not a instigator of needless violence and death (especially for such stupid reasons!) . thanks for your efforts.

  9. cisdelvalle sanchez says:

    Kudos for the Video! Sorry for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Chireetler Dread Free Rule (do a search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning effective self defence moves without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my BF finally got amazing results with it.

  10. Jack Garrett says:

    A trick to guess what hand is dominate on a person. I always look to see what wrist a person wears their watch. Generally if you are right handed you wear your watch on your left wrist and vice versa. Granted this only works if the person is wearing a watch, but it is a pretty good indicator if they are.

  11. Arthur B says:

    Above the elbow is easier to find when your not looking at the hand. Plus the biting is a serious problem. I guess you can slide the hand down to find the wrist but…..knives are tough

  12. CASKET BLACK says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, yeah you may want to keep your hand lower toward the attackers hand holding the knife, but, YOU WORK WITH WHAT THEY GIVE YOU! Which is much more natural to flow! This is not a Fn drill!. I cant believe i even have to write this right now. Common man… You disappoint me for real!…. Sorry man, its just, people could get hurt with not the whole picture kind of advice . I know youre doing good for any and all by posting pointers. My bad. God bless.

  13. Michael Michael says:

    The second you feel like your life is in danger you can implement use of force as little as necessary to stop the offender, this guy was perfectly justified in his actions and went through all the steps of staying calm telling the person to leave Telling the person to get back and then after warnings (obvious what he was telling offender) he then applied use of force in a legal manner to stop the threat against his life

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