Handgun Disarms – A Reality Check

Can you disarm an attacker when threatened with a handgun? What are the odds of survival? We tested this with two spec ops veterans and a REX Zero 1 FX …

32 thoughts on “Handgun Disarms – A Reality Check

  1. Chaz Brown says:

    The 1st step is to always move away from the line of sight before attempting the disarm. Though they may be close in timing, never attempt the disarm 1st.

    Also, The goal Is to a tilt the disarm when the aggressor is in a moment of being distracted. This small window gives you an opportunity attack because his/her reflexes are slower. Never attempt a gun disarm while the aggressor is standing there waiting for you to flinch. Lol!

    But if you know they are going to shoot you anyway (ex: an active shooter situation.) You have no choice but to fight.

  2. TheGuy says:

    I saw an IDF commander do that in a simulated scenario where he gave Frank Grillo (Netflix doc. "fight world") a gun a real gun, unloaded, and what he did he raised his hands and started begging, so Grillo says "Give me your wallet" he goes "Yes sir, right away, please don't shoot I have a wife…" and lowers his hand which makes Grillo look at his hand to see the wallet, at which point he takes the gun and slips back the cocking mechanism and then take the gun and holds it to his face and goes "now pull the trigger" The trigger wouldn't move. He half cocked the gun and put his thumb between the hammer which meant the gun can't shoot half cocked and the hammer can't hit the bullet.

  3. George Lytras says:

    But u need to consider the fact that the armed guu in this scenario know that the victim will try to disarm him when in reality the attacker will not be prepared for the disarm.im not saying that you will not get shot but this may give you the extra 1/10 of a second

  4. Mr Exercitus says:

    If you really want to survive something like this don’t try to disarm because most likely they will punch you with there other hand want you want to do is aim for his neck,legs, and eyes. Attacking the neck can really hurt him, attacking the legs can make sure he won’t run or back up to shoot, and attacking the eyes will (jab two fingers into the eye socket) keep him from seeing you or keep him in pain to give you enough time escape or take his weapon. Remember to not try to disarm them first only disarm them when they are in pain or weakened.

  5. Димон Батькович says:

    Плюс ко всему , ствол в упор к оппоненту будет выдвигать ТОЛЬКО бездарь !!! Ни когда не будет ствол находиться на расстоянии удара , всегда так , чтоб хватило времени выстрелить !!!

  6. Димон Батькович says:

    Вы че б…дь … гоните чтоли ?! Он ему грудину простреливает , ДО ТОГО , как левый успевает ствол схватить ?! чему блин , учите ?; умирать непокорным ?!

  7. Magfed Jim says:

    This reminds me from training that in close quarters, an attack involving a gun is much easier to evade and defend against than a knife. You need to get off the line of attack from the gun fast while manipulating the shooter's hand and forearm so he can't track you with the muzzle. Knives are much more dangerous to defend yourself against because they can kill from multiple angles and directions of attack, a gun cannot…

    Many people also think that these scenarios are unrealistic because they assume the attacker wielding the gun would be further away, when in reality, it depends on what the shooter is after. If they want to kill you, they'll just shoot you. When they want something from you, be it money, your ID, car keys, you name it, the gun is no longer a viewed by the attacker as a weapon but more a symbol of power that they use to get what they want. This is the primary reason why the attacker is going to be in your face and not ten feet away pointing the gun at you.

    This video is also accurate in explaining why your hand should be on the slide of the gun. In addition to holding the muzzle away from your body, it's not going to cycle properly and after the first shot and it won't work until the slide is racked.

  8. Volovo Miäs says:

    If someone aims a gun at your head and says he wants your money, well here is what you need to do-

    Give him the money and don't try to be action hero, you will most probably get shot.

  9. Dylan h says:

    The key is also if the wound is fatal. Getting shot in the shoulder will suck, but most likely won't kill you instantly. Also, disappointed that they didn't try to do the gun to face disarm up, and to the side, to test if one is faster. Anyway, amazing video, good to know how dangerous it is

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