1. Mikel Walbridge says:

    NO! you should NOT use combat techniques in a bar fight, school yard fight, ect… "Self defense" and "Hand to Hand Combart" are NOT the same. Rangers, SEALS, Delta, etc are trained to kill, not for defense.  Learn self defense if you feel the need, but do not use combat techniques.  Unless you like prison that is.

  2. jon camanei says:

    of course, but is not only practicing techniques, its alto training your mindset, and you dont have to spend a lot of time training, in fact, you can be like this guy in just 3 months, look forward for close quarter combat, also wing chun its good, theres plenty of material on the web

  3. Fux Luster says:

    well there is something called martial arts… The spectrum of choice is rather large. If you wanna do self defence, krav maga or jiu jitsu are good picks. If you want to be an all around fighter get some muay thai, judo and/or BJJ lessons. Do this for a couple of years (or more if you're a slow learner) and you should be alright.

  4. Joel NG says:

    I'm a simple civilian but I really want to learn how to fight like these guys so i am never in a situation where I am to afraid to respond to a threat or someone harassing my friends or family is there any way I can get this kind of training but no go into military?

  5. Tjfreak says:

    Thats fuckin crap ! each fight is different,trained opponent or not,these techs absolutely more times than not work,if you keep your head.No one I've ever been up against "telegraph wide punches" thats on tv.This guy is as far away from pretentious as it gets,where did you even get that from man ?

  6. nevermoonawolf says:

    yea because these techniques would hardly ever work in fact its the opposite of what he said they woould more likely work on untrained opponents who throw telegraphed wide punches than trained, however he is skilled and I like the concept things like these would work in a fight but it wouldnt be as pretentious as it is here

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