Hand to Hand Combat Training for Beginners | SHTF Prepping and Survival



Learn these simple but effective hand to hand combat techniques. Perfect for home training on a BOB (body opponent bag) and for SHTF Survival in a …

42 thoughts on “Hand to Hand Combat Training for Beginners | SHTF Prepping and Survival

  1. M.D. Creekmore says:


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  2. madhusudan says:

    Very good advice all around: strike first when you know it's coming to a fight, follow through, fists break on bone, and target weak areas. I'll add a bit if I may:
    Your fingers are in a good position to damage the eyes from a simple straight palm to the face.
    Rabbit punching is very nasty. (back of the head/brain stem)
    Fish hooking wounds terribly. Favorite of cowboys and streetfighters of the past.
    Strength and stamina are important, but the killer attitude is what will get you home.
    Situational awareness: Avoid fights whenever possible. Even when you win a fight, you are usually injured yourself. At least that's my exp. and I prefer not to be injured. It sucks to limp around and wince for a week.

  3. John Jones says:

    Thanks MD
    You are a jack of all trades. You present the procedures and techniques in an easy to understand, simple and effective manner.
    I am a DT instructor and in training others, the more simple techniques are easier to learn, retain and deliver effectively.
    You continue to amaze me and you are a man much, deeper than others may view you.
    Thank you for your continuing instruction in the areas we need to have for our survival.

  4. Kevin Bowling says:

    The inside knife hand strike is one of my "go to's". I haven't seen anything here that explains the importance of torquing the body and the proper foot work to achieve that. Didn't watch the entire video though. Bedtime here. lol

  5. Kevin Bowling says:

    Great video. I earned my black belt in 2002 after 8 years of training. It was a great school and ran by one of the Blood and Guts originals. I also bounced in a few bars in the 80's, worked in a few fully occupied, maximum security prisons, plus grew up street fighting with some decent fighters. Never had a street altercation once the formal martial arts training began, but did full contact training and competition. My opinion: strike fast and hard with evil intent. Nothing flashy and stay on both feet. Take care of business and get away-don't leave your calling card.

  6. Troy Leclair says:

    Rule #1 chin tucked
    #2 hands up and protect your chin
    #3 straight and tight punches
    # 4 when ducking bend your knees not the waist, keeping eyes up.
    # 5 don't telegraph
    # 6 move your head

  7. Troy Leclair says:

    Great video Mr creekmore. After boxing for years and winning new England gloves. The best advice I would give someone is keep your chin tucked ! And keep your hands high and tight to your chin. This will make your stricking drastically faster and far less vulnerable to getting knocked out.

  8. Paul nokio says:

    Strike first , strike hard , no mercy!! You would have made a good Cobra Kai!! In all seriousness this is something everyone needs to know. Quick, dirty confrontation ending strikes

  9. Robert Grant says:

    Great video, thank you! Techniques that you are using is a form of Krav Maga, it is an Israeli fighting technique. Very aggressive and very effective. I used to be a instructor. All law enforcement agencies are trained in Krav Maga techniques. The Hammer fist technique is one of the most powerful out of all strikes, and is less likely to injure your hand. The Hammer fist strike to the collarbone is very effective because it only takes 3 pounds of force to snap the collarbone. If it is followed up by a chin stripe oh, more than likely your opponent is down and finished. It really depends on the height of your opponent on what techniques you should use. If I was 5 feet 9 and my opponent was 6 foot 4, my first strike would be a upper chin strike if possible, you can use that height to your advantage. Like you said is true if the fight is inevitable you must land the first devastating blow. I try to end all fights Within a 10-second rule. The faster you can end the fight the less likely you are to sustain injuries to yourself. You can go on YouTube and look up Krav Maga fighting techniques . The most important technique you need to work on with any of those blows is speed and power follow through . Thanks and God bless!

  10. Dielibs says:

    I did a lot of this training as an MP while in the military but I’ve learned to bring a gun to a fight. Always be armed. The last fight I was in was on New Year’s Eve 30 years ago at my favorite bar/restaurant. I was with my brother and his wife having dinner when some guy grabbed me and shoved me. I walked away because I didn’t want any bs. An hour later I was getting a beer at the bar when he decided to mess with me. He had 4 guys with him. I decided that I needed to drop him in a dramatic way to keep his buddies in check. I eyeballed him with 2 fingers. He hit the floor screaming and bleeding from both eyes. It worked. His guys backed off because they didn’t know how I dropped him so fast. The bouncer threw me out but the bartender came out and explained that I was defending myself and let me back in. He was taken away in an ambulance. I was hesitant to go back to the bar for months because of the damage I did to him. 2 morals to the story. Always hit a soft spot, and always be armed.

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