30 thoughts on “Hand to Hand Combat Techniques

  1. danob58 says:

    i dont know bro. Its harder to knock someone out with a punch then it looks. I think a choke is a great way but if your arm is broken there is not much of a fight left.

  2. danob58 says:

    ok bro. this is gonna be hard to explain but i will try. I think you are talking about a bear hug from the front. I was showed a few years ago a way that i like. the first thing you need to do is sprawl your weight back just in case he is trying to mow you over. then take your nails and dig it into the soft skin on his side. Turn your wrist to twist the skin. I promise he will not like it very much and let go.

  3. Trondyne says:

    Words are cool, but there were lots of techs there for a video not focused on them.. It's all good.. I would say tactics instead of principles.. We focus on attack and conversion to attack.. KISS.

    If I'm not attacking I want to convert to attack (in the first or second action).. Disruption is key esp disruption of balance and position while converting.

  4. Steven Epler says:

    This video isn't so much about the Techniques being shown, but the the words coming out of my mouth. It's about the principles behind what you're doing, not the individual techniques you're using. Only two ways to stop the fight: Take away their desire (reason), take away their ability.

  5. Steven Epler says:

    Sorry for the late reply, Not the one who uploaded this video of myself and don't check it often. Started with Isshin Ryu Karate, trained in several other styles to varying degrees: Yamashigi Aikijujitsu, wing chun, BJJ, Haganah, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do.

  6. Ikexiol says:

    Great video man! I have a question, if they came to your front, and then held on basically hugging your stomach, what are possible solutions to stop, or even preventing it from happening, i dont think anyone has covered this yet, but if you could answer me it would be greatly appreciated :D!

  7. reese1223 says:

    almost got it…only thing is dont go out, you reset the situation. if you get out you give the aggressor a chance to take you down. we dont know if our aggressor is under the influence. if they are, then we must keep going for the knock out. imo, the knock out is your best bet of "getting out".

  8. Sadoruro says:

    It's on video like that that you can understand that unlike what BJJ says, ground fighting isn't that superior. Because BJJ focus on fight with rules, where you can't hit the throat, nor the eyes, nor break a finger, etc.
    Then in reality, a reality trained ju-jutsuka like you can easily defeat even a champion of BJJ, just because in reality a BJJ man has his vital point terribly oppened.

    Great job on that video !

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