Hand to Hand Combat Part II (of 3) 1942 US Navy Training Film

more at Part II Covers: Chancery against low point frontal attack Arm drag Reverse hiplock Offensive …

11 thoughts on “Hand to Hand Combat Part II (of 3) 1942 US Navy Training Film

  1. Potcha Shamans says:

    I dont understand how this is still relevant today. What if your opponent calls you racist or demands a safe space before you get a proper hold on him? Then you are screwed. These guys didn't even find out each others pronouns before combat. What kind of primitive nonsense is this?

  2. Shayne Williams says:

    i've actually learned a few of these techniques in karate, aikido, and combat jui jitsu. Between that, and what another guy said as well, i've realized that they just jumbled together a few useful techniques from a bunch of fighting styles and taught it like that

  3. Michael Scolaro says:

    I trained many of these moves in a Filipino Arts gym, so I'm not sure of their origins but things that work tend to be common among different styles. And these are not moves you can simply learn. They are low probability success and must be trained through countless repetition. And you have to train many of them for dozens of scenarios, and they're variations along with reversals and chaining them together. You have to have a decent vocabulary of answers. In real combat you don't plan on using joint locks as much as train to identify an opportunity to use one. And while your doing this with a partner, switching between attacker and defender you are expected to force your partner to submit so that you know you are applying pain and doing it correctly. And when it's your turn you will feel a lot of pain and are expected to learn to respect the damage you can do. Also, many of these moves are preceded by a strike or other distraction to provide a better chance of success. It's not easy, and only well-trained combatants can really use them effectively which is why some may thing they are impractical but I can tell you first hand, training with a master renders you feeling quite helpless. Scary.

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