Hand Drill in Tropical Environment / FFT

3 thoughts on “Hand Drill in Tropical Environment / FFT

  1. Steve Taylor says:

    You would be looking at 100% humidity in tropical rain forests….even Ray Mears struggled to make fire in that environment, using the natives methods and even then only just succeeded by modifying the method with his own resourcefulness

  2. gundog5 says:

    Bummer it was more challenging in a tropical environment, but I feel for ya as I live in a tropical environment (near the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay area Florida) and can totally understand why it wasn't so easy. Good effort to success, though.

  3. NTbushcraft says:

    Cool video Marius! Looks like you are in a very nice place! I still have no luck with the handdrill fire. I guess when you come back home your package is waiting for you.

    All the best my friend, Nick

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