Halloween Special – Batman Learning Knife Defense

To celebrate Halloween and to thank our 200 000 subscribers including YOU, we made a special video! In this clip, Nick Drossos teaches Knife Defense to …

20 thoughts on “Halloween Special – Batman Learning Knife Defense

  1. ryacus says:

    Sorry but no one is going to approach with a knife like that they are going to be slashing and stabbing anything and everything you throw at them you will get cut up so you better disable them quickly but one thing is clear you will get cut.

  2. Gabriel Bush says:

    Friggin phone ring right at the end of the video (min. 3:01) actually made me get up from my chair and start looking for my phone, DESPITE the fact that I was watching the video on my stupid phone, lol.

  3. phanarize 1d5sos says:

    If you accidentally stab the attacker with their knife somehow but you report everything to the police and stuff would you get in trouble for possibly killing the person or would you be okay since you weren't the one attacking in the first place and you were doing it for self defense

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