Half Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial



Ok, here’s the tutorial I’ve been waiting to release! This is considered the “Traditional” Style of throwing knives and it is used in most throwing knife tournaments.

18 thoughts on “Half Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial

  1. TheRenaissanceReborn says:

    To my biggest fan XxL3G1TxXM0dzZ1,
    I'm so glad you took time out of your busy schedule to write me another comment.

    Call me when your channel has at least half my channel's view count or when you actually want to talk about knife throwing.

  2. TheRenaissanceReborn says:

    Thanks XxL3G1TxXxM0dzZ1. I can tell that you really value the time I put into this video with this eloquent and well worded response. I especially find it amazing how you were able to, with pin point accuracy mind you, discover my sexual orientation and my geographical location.
    Keep it up, my friend,
    A straight kid from New England,

  3. TheRenaissanceReborn says:

    @Capoknin I'm truly sorry, for I should have made a follow up for this video a LONG time ago.

    If you're getting a perfect half from 3-4 feet, you should be able to back up to 5-6 feet for a full rotation throw. Keep the same form as the half spin throw aiming slightly higher. additional rotations will come in intervals of about 2-3 feet; though, if your knives are small, they are more affected by air and will lose proper rotation at longer distances.

  4. Capoknin says:

    help my knives are small so i go close around 3-4 feet from my target to get a perfect half spin, but i want to trow from a greater distance what do i do?

  5. jason gettle says:

    @TheRenaissanceReborn im new to knife throwing and was wondering what are some super cheap throwing knifes that are also very sturdy and p.s ur vidoes are soo helpfull

  6. TheRenaissanceReborn says:

    @shugokaix Yes, you can throw folding knives. The only problem with that is the force of the knife hit messes with your lock, whatever lock it may be. But yes, you can.

    This style still works, you just need to put a little less spin in your throw due to the weight of the handle helping the spin along.

    Give it a shot, Practice, good luck. Here's a good video of folding knife throwing:

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