Hair loss: Fighting against my receding hairline – BBC News



Each year thousands of men fly to Turkey to go under the knife to stop them losing their hair. The BBC’s Tiffany Sweeney follows one of them as he undergoes …

31 thoughts on “Hair loss: Fighting against my receding hairline – BBC News

  1. Walter Manfred says:

    Having a Hair Transplant is nothing to feel ashamed about, Aesthetics is important no matter your age or gender. If technology is available, go for it. More power to you. Also the trip to Turkey makes absolute sense. Why pay local doctors so much more when they have less experience in delivering on the procedure? I wish I can see Paul's result in six months …. (signed: Your hirsute-tilcally challenged Bro)

  2. COD Camper says:

    Had a head FULL of hair. Dreadlocks to my shoulders. Joined the Marines and cut my hair. Weekly haircuts/shapeups destroyed my hairline. I'm still in my 20s and I hate that my hairline has thinned out. Granted I'm married and off the market but I still hate waking up and seeing that I have the hairline of a old dude. Shit is devastating, I can't leave the house without a hat nowadays. I was close to getting a transplant but my wife convinced me to try some other stuff before I spent that kind of money. Hims©️ seems to be working so far, but we'll see. If I was older and had facial hair I wouldn't worry about as much. But since I'm in the military I can't have facial hair so it's impossible to balance out a receding hairline.

  3. kidus A says:

    While there is the case of low self-esteem on some individuals, i believe that affordable hair transplants are simply solutions to one of life's challenge a person could have, which is premature hair loss.

  4. TommyTwobats says:

    People say don't do it, just shave it or buzz it. Yet, what people say and how people are to disposed to behave, naturally and automatically are often different, so much so, they can be diametrically opposite. Case in point: Girls like nice hair, employers like nice, the jury at the court house, the students at school, the resume picture, tinder..etc..'Oh..I don't give a damn", you object. Yes, you do, yes you do. You give and you pay. You don't have a choice. Natural human behaviour is to qualify. People are not all the same, right? We have different personalities, right? But no guy who realizes he is loosing his hair is happy. He may rationalize it, and use it as a tool to make him stronger internally, but he will pay the price for being balder, irrespective of it. (..and his instinct knows this, hence the nasty reaction and fear) He has to persuade himself he needs to ignore this, and we all help him along. "Nah, mate..don't worry. You are all good bro…" And why wouldn't we? Compassion meets competitive instincts and nevermind if he will be just another bald old guy if he is lucky enough, indistinguishable and as unremarkable as the next. The last thing we need is him 'fixing it' or making himself better, do we? Anyway, if you find yourself with no hair to style? No statement left to make? Tattoos? Gym? YOuTube channel about losing hair? Sure…

  5. Meno Yuno says:

    When it affects men
    Psychologist = they just suffer from self esteem

    When it affects women
    Psychologist = Society puts pressure on women

    FIY the American psychological association has deemed traditional masculinity “toxic”
    This pseudo feminist influenced garbage is spreading to other countries. Feminism is gonna cause a lot of hair loss for men if ya know what I mean.

  6. Meno Yuno says:

    Women get cosmetic surgeries = society: Ok, probably men pressure you. Youre beautiful anyway.

    Men get cosmetic surgery = Society; whut but why? Eh men are just insecure.


  7. Meno Yuno says:

    Women want implants, Botox, liposuction, fake nails, vaginal tightening surgeries, nose jobs, under & above & in eye surgeries the list goes on and on.
    Society doesn’t question their motives if anything it blames men for putting the expectations on women in the first place.
    When men want to literally replace something they already had like hair? society magically just can’t understand why.. They deem it a lack of confidence with no origin.

    Gynocentrism rears it’s ugly head yet again.

  8. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Guys losing hair ain't no joke..I am almost 40, start losing hair, like not bad bad but it was noticeable cause my family will tell me, when on you tube to look for any natural treatment cause I didnt want it to spend money on commercial treatments, I try alpha vera which it's really good for your hair to look good but doesnt make it grow, anyhow..after watching so many youtube videos I try this one which states not to used shampoo ever or I could say do rinse your hair as you take a shower but dont use any type of shampoo …well I've been doing it for the last 2 months, I still loss hair but the usuall i guess you can say, but the part where it was so noticeable its growing and its growing thicker which I am surprised..I thinks stress has lots to do with losing hair, my nephew it's only 28 and he start having the same issue, he was using (hims treatment) but told me he stopped cause some second effects so I told him 2 weeks ago about what I start doing and he called me yesterday saying that he can already notice hes hair not falling much and that he can see some parts of his scalp are growing …now listen I am not telling you to do that, this is my personal experience but if you like to try it and which is the best part(its natural and dont have to spend any money on anything) you should do it, try it for a month by not using shampoo or anything but water and you will see the changes, I really hope this helps anyone that is going through hair loss.

  9. Deez Nuts says:

    Gentlemen do not give a damn about these women saying you have low self esteem. They have implants everywhere and use half an inch thick of makeup and will take validation over oxygen.

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